These White Hat Hackers Tell You All The Different Ways Your Phone Can Be Hacked

hacking phone
hacking phone

hacking phoneShort Bytes: As new mobile threats continue to emerge, the white hat hackers are busy busting the ways your phone can be hacked to safeguard the public from these attacks. In the recent episode of Phreaked Out by Motherboard, we’ll be looking closely into these different methods that challenge our internal security.

As more electronic devices are going online, the hacking threats are also increasing at the same pace. Each day we are encountered with a new malware that poses greater threat to compromise our digital life’s security. This vulnerability has now become universal as our every online account and the device is on the radar of hackers.

When we talk particularly about the gadgets, the one miracle of technology that always remains with us is our smartphones. Smartphones run on different operating systems — Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu — and each has some flaw that could be harnessed to listen to your conversations and messages.

If we talk about the advanced hackers and intelligence agencies like NSA and GCHQ, they don’t even need a flaw. They have their own systems to sneak inside your phone and controlling it. Recently, Edward Snowden uncovered some secret government files that were basically a hidden catalogue of some of the most advanced surveillance equipment this world has ever seen.

In a recent video from Motherboard, security experts have explained the various ways that could be used to hack your phone. Take a look at this interesting video — thanks to some law abiding white hats — and know more about the risks your smartphone could face:

Source: Motherboard

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