These Anti-Vehicle Technologies Can Stop Any Car Chase

Police and military issued vehicle arresting systems.


Car chases can be dangerous for police officials and civilians that get caught up in them. These out-of-control vehicles can even prove deadly to all parties involved, including bystanders, police officials, and criminals. However, some inventions can minimize the potential damage and risk of any car chase.

Police forces around the world have started using anti-vehicle traps to stop speeding vehicles to halt. So in this article, we have listed some police and military inventions commonly used to stop these speeding vehicles.

6 Anti-Vehicle Technologies To Stop A Car Chase

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1. Retractable Spike Strips

These retractable spike strips are modernized versions of the classic spike strips used by cops. They can be controlled via a remote control to be deployed to disable speeding vehicles. The operator can also retract the spikes instantaneously for any police vehicles following the criminals. Due to their versatility, they are the most commonly used tool by cops to stop a car chase.

2. Wedge Barrier

A wedge barrier is an active vehicle barrier designed and installed to stop large vehicles. They are installed within the pavement of the road and only rise when there’s a need for a blockade. Commonly used in areas that require high security, like government offices and military bases. Even a speeding truck cannot pass through them as they are made of high-tensile steel and strong gauge material.

3. Grappler


The grappler, much like its name, grabs the back wheel of a speeding vehicle to reduce its velocity. It can stop a vehicle within mere seconds of grabbing hold of it. It is installed at the front of a police vehicle that can tether both cars together when deployed. The grappler is one of the most safest devices to end a car chase with minimum casualties and low risk.

4. Net Barrier

A net barrier is a retractable net often used to stop speeding cars. It acts as a cushioned barrier that negates a majority of impact force. Deployment of these nets only takes two minutes, which is a huge advantage. They can also catch criminals off guard by hiding under the road.

5. X-Net Barrier

The X-Net barrier is one of the safest ways to stop a car chase without risking lives. The net rests on the road while the speeding vehicle drives on top of it. The spikes in the net entangle themselves with the wheels of the vehicle, slowing it down to a halt. The upgraded version of the net can also stop larger vehicles up to 10 tonnes in weight.

6. Modular Vehicle Barrier


The modular Vehicle Barrier is similar to the wedge barrier, albiet a bit different. It uses the force of the oncoming vehicle into the ground and transfers it to the ground. However, it is mainly used in combat zones and uneven terrain areas to stop trucks and other vehicles.

So these were the six anti-vehicle technologies that can stop a car chase. Let us know your thoughts about these inventions in the comment section below. Click here to read more articles like this.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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