The Ultimate Tesla Drag Race: Model S Vs. Model 3 Vs. Model X

Tesla Drag Race_ Tesla Model S vs. Model 3 vs. Model X
Image: Tesla

The ultimate Tesla electric car showdown is here, today we have Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3 on the track. Here is a video down below of the drag race between these electric vehicles for you. The video was posted by YouTube channel carwow

Tesla Drag Race(Tesla Model S Vs. Model 3 Vs. Model X)

Apart from the drag race, two more competitions were there including a rolling race and a brake test.

The top-spec variants of the electric cars were chosen to make it more interesting. We have a high-end specification variant of all Tesla electric cars. All the models used in this Tesla drag race were AWD (All-Wheel Drive) with dual motors.

Here’s a brief overview of these superfast electric cars.

Tesla Model X P100D

This Model X P100D has 795hp and 1300Nm of torque. The overall weight of the vehicle is 2487kg, which is the highest among the bunch. Also, it is the most expensive electric car of the three. It is priced at $99,690. in the British market.

Tesla Model 3 Performance

Same as above AWD. The car can produce 490hp with a peak torque of 660Nm. It is the lightest of all, weighing around 1800kg. The vehicle comes with a price tag of $50,690 which is almost half the price of Model S and X.

Tesla Model S Performance

It is an AWD (All-Wheel Drive) model with dual-electric motors that can produce a whopping 825 HP and a peak torque of 1300Nm, the highest of all. The car weighs around 2241kg. The Model S has a price tag of $94,490.

The Ultimate Tesla Drag Race

As the figures indicate, it would not be difficult to predict who will win the race? As predicted, the Model S outruns everyone else in the quarter-mile drag race. However, there was a very close competition between the Model S and Model X.

The Model S touched the finish line in 11.4 seconds, whereas Model X missed it by just one second and finished in 11.5 seconds. Meanwhile, the Model 3 took 11.8 seconds to cross the finish line.

However, the damp condition had its effect on the performance. Under dry conditions, the Model S can finish in 10.8 seconds. However, there wasn’t much effect on Model X and Model 3.

Well, in the brake test, again, there was a close competition between Model X and S. However, surprisingly, Tesla Model 3 won this time.

Considering the price of the Tesla Model 3, it has quite an impressive performance. At last, we can say that the Model 3 lost in the drag race, but it surely won the hearts of many automotive enthusiasts.

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