The U.S. Navy Is Building Iron Man Suit To Use In Combat

Iron Man Suite
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Iron man is undoubtedly one of the best Marvel characters with insane popularity, and one thing that attracts its fan base is the suit. Everyone dreams of having superhuman strength, an array of different weapons, and limitless fighting ability, which the suit can provide.

According to Kristin Beck, Retired Navy SEAL, something like this is already in the works. In talking to Joe Rogan, he claims that the U.S. military is attempting to create a suit inspired by the Marvel hit, which can provide them a clear benefit in combats.

The Wednesday episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featured Beck, who explained her participation in the 2013 military program that intended to dress up soldiers in innovative suits. Beck claimed, “We’re trying to build the suit,” and A shocked Joe Rogan replied, “Really,”

The Carnivore project

Beck further claimed that the military had been working on it for a long time; she was assigned at the start of the project, which was called ‘Carnivore’ Although there are now more people involved in the process, at first, she along with a handful of others knew about it and worked on it.

A surprised Joe Rogan asked the former Navy seal about their material to make these suits. Beck replied that the suit would contain durable material that could withstand the battle zone shocks and collisions. She states that it will contain carbon fiber, titanium, and other top-quality stuff.

Joe further questioned whether the suits would “act as an exoskeleton of sorts”?

“It’s Exo. Yeah. It’s much stronger. You can carry a thousand pounds; you can do a lot,” she replied. “If you think about that kind of a suit, an exoskeleton, how will you move that exoskeleton, those people? So if you had a squad, let’s say you had 12 dudes in those exoskeletons, what airplanes would you use? What Humvees? What vehicles? How are you going to get these guys around? What boats? It changes everything.”

Beck states that it was an extremely intense project assigned to her, and she had to be very technical about it as she worked with national laboratories. One notable aspect of the suit per the ex-NAVY seal is that it can withstand a high degree of exterior threats, and soldiers can carry it in a suitcase.

Although, she did claim that it is classified information, and its technology remains protected by confidentiality.

However, to Joe Rogan’s last question about whether the new technology will be rolled out soon, she replied smiling, “They’re always working on it.”

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