The Spooky Crypto-Puzzle That’s Taking Internet Into A Frenzy

Spooky-cryptography-puzzleShort Bytes: There is this spooky video that has gone viral on the Internet. Apparently it’s a crypto-puzzle that contains messages like death and torture. The mystery is still unsolved yet.

Few months back it was a mystique dress that broke the Internet over its chameleon feature, and now it is a spooky crypto-puzzle that has taken the Internet into a frenzy. Everyone having even a little bit of the subject knowledge of morse code or binary is trying to decode the message hidden inside the creepy video.

The website GadgetZZ.com received a letter from Poland containing a weird CD. The CD contains a video having a ‘Scream’ kind of a black hooded guy flashing a code through a blinking light in his hand. Apart from the haunting costume and audio and of course, the code, there seemed to be hidden messages as well in the video. This art of hiding messages in plain sight is called steganography.

The spooky crypto-puzzle video after being uploaded garnered a lot of attention. People have screened the audio through a spectrogram and the result was even scarier. It read: You are already dead.


After decoding images from sound, disturbing images came out and looked like a woman is being tortured.

People have come up with a range of explanations from being highly covert death message to a simple prank. The thing that is deepening the mystery is that the letter was addressed to Johny K, employee of GadgetZZ.

And, every small thing is now being seen as a clue.

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The appearance of the mask man is compared to the doctors who wore similar masks during the black death plague.

The binary in the title of the CD translates to ‘Muerte’ which means Death. Now, that really is terrifying. Watch the video and see if you can find anything:

For more information visit Gadgetzz.com

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  2. This video was uploaded 5 fucking months ago… Its just haloween hoax guys… why would they write it is recent if it was on the internet longer than 5 months?

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