“The Sandman” Season 2: Could It Happen Without Netflix?

Afterall Season 2 might not happen.

The Sandman renewed for season 2
Image: Netflix

The Sandman, based on Neil Gaiman’s comic book series of the same name, has swiftly become a hit on Netflix. The Sandman has been one of the most popular streaming shows in the world in recent weeks. Thanks to positive critical and fan feedback. Gaiman took to Twitter to celebrate the show’s high viewership while also providing updates on the status of season 2.

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While season 1 wraps up many of its storylines, it leaves a number of plot strands unresolved. This clearly sets the stage for The Sandman season 2 to continue the adventures of Dream, Desire (Mason Alexander Park), Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie), and others. Despite the high viewership, Gaiman warns that Netflix may not renew the show.

‘The Sandman’ Season 2 might happen without Netflix too

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Gaiman said that even if Netflix does not renew The Sandman for a second season, all hope is not lost. The author continued to explain that during initial negotiations with Netflix, he and the show’s creative team guaranteed that they would have the possibility to continue the story elsewhere if necessary. Gaiman, on the other hand, emphasizes that he appreciates working with Netflix and hopes that those options will not be necessary. He said:

“Back when we put the deal together, we made sure that there were ways to continue with Sandman. But we also all hoped that none of them would possibly be necessary, because we love our Netflix people and they love us. And they’ve been amazing. I mean, they even made a secret 11th episode of Sandman.”

As Gaiman has previously stated, The Sandman is a very expensive show with a large number of characters, locations, and effects, making its renewal more difficult than many fans would think. Gaiman does not elaborate on where else The Sandman might find a home.

But the show’s high viewership numbers could make it an appealing proposition for other streaming services. Given the show’s high price tag, it’s possible that if season 2 is released on another streaming service, it will have fewer episodes or a smaller overall scope.

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