The Original PlayStation CPU is Powering New Horizons



The New Horizons has become one of the most famous space probes till date after its historic mission, sending the pictures of our dwarf planet Pluto. You must have thought of the New Horizons as a futuristic and a cutting edge technology that made its 3.5 billion miles journey of 9 years a success, but you are in for a big surprise.

The processor that powers New Horizons is an upgraded version of MIPS R3000. Yes, the same original PlayStation CPU: MIPS R3000 (found in PS1, PS2, and PSPs). The New Horizons CPU is a Mongoose-V chip, a radiation hardened version of the original PlayStation CPU MIPS R3000. It had a clock speed of about 12 Mhz.

NASA has used this original PlayStation CPU to control the thrusters and guide the space probe in the longest journey of the history of space missions from Earth.

Improvised by NASA and its creators Synova, the Mongoose-V processor analyzes positions of the probe and give operation commands to spacecraft subsystems. It collects and then processes the data and finally sends the signals back to Earth.

Guided by the big brother of original Playstation CPU, the New Horizons has helped reveal many mysteries surrounding Pluto like the dwarf planet is red in color and has mysterious energy powering it from the inside.

MIPS R3000 is a 32-bit microprocessor and used by companies like Silicon Graphics and Tandem Computers along with many big firms in their servers. It was the first choice for Sony’s original Playstation gaming console.

Did you ever think that the chip that powered your favorite gaming console could have the capability to do all such incredible processes and in the mean time be a part of the most widely known space expedition only after the momentous “Giant leap for Mankind” on the Moon.

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