The Only Porsche Taycan Electric Car In US Has A Lot Of New Features


The production variant of the “Tesla-killer” the Porsche Taycan electric car was officially revealed a few weeks ago. However, that didn’t stop Porsche from showcasing their brand new EV at the National Drive Electric Week in Atlanta, Georgia.

YouTube channel “LikeTesla” attended the event with the reporter “Kim” and shared with us several new and previously unknown features of the Porsche Taycan. It was one of only two Taycan electric cars in North America.

Several varieties of electric cars, including the first-generation Tesla Roadster to your everyday EVs like Model 3, Model S, etc. attended the event. Another major attraction of the electric drive week was a classic Mercedes retrofitted with a Nissan Leaf powertrain.

Porsche Taycan Electric Car Luxury Features

Porsche Taycan Electric car Specs

The Porsche Taycan we’re talking about today is the top-end Turbo S version, which is funny because it is an electric car and only has an electric motor.

Porsche didn’t plan to bring the Porsche Taycan to National Drive Electric Week and it was a last-minute decision.

The Porsche Engineer explained the specs of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S by saying that “it can do 0-62 mph in under 2.6 seconds” while the lower Spec “Turbo” variant could do the same in 3 seconds.

This performance is very impressive and along the lines of the Tesla Model S P100D. The engineer explained that the Turbo S produced around 560 kW of peak power while the Turbo was restricted to 500 kW.

“It is a Porsche, it does all the Porsche things,” the official engineer added.

Porsche Taycan Electric car Features

In the front trunk or the “frunk” of the Porsche Taycan, there is a lot of space for luggage and several pre-installed safety equipment. It contains a first aid kit and a warning triangle. These equipment are mandatory by European law and are hence present in the car.

The frunk also houses an air compressor, toe hook, locking lug nuts, and a tool kit with a screwdriver.

Speaking about the entertainment system in the car, the Porsche representative said, “It is the first time Apple music has been integrated into a vehicle.”

This means that users don’t have to pair their iPhones with the car; instead, they can simply log in using their Apple ID and enjoy the music. The car has 4G-LTE support which enables it to do the same.

The instrument cluster of Porsche Taycan is digital but the dials and needles are displayed digitally. Users can use touch controls on the steering wheel to view different types of information on the instrument console like torque distribution, console, etc.

Porsche Taycan Electric car Interiors

Porsche Taycan has 4 seats and in order to make legroom for the people at the back of the car, some adjustments to the battery were made. “So our battery had a cutout, so it’s not the whole battery.” said the representative. This means that passengers can rest their feet naturally and sit very comfortably.

“Same with the headroom, plenty of headroom up here,” he further said.

One really cool feature about the Porsche Taycan is the touch-based AC control system. The air vents in the Porsche Taycan can’t be opened or closed like the traditional setup. Instead, to control the airflow the passengers can select the area where they want hot or cool air on a touch screen and it will flow via interval vents.

Porsche Taycan Electric Launch

The headlights of Taycan are also very distinct. They employ a matrix-like structure which gives it a really unique look. The representative explained that this type of headlight is also available in several other Porsche cars as well. “If it comes down the road, you’ll recognize it,” he said while commenting on the exclusive nature of the Porsche Taycan.

When Kim asked, “You have a lot of people comparing it with the Model S, can you give your thoughts on that?” the representative simply said: “I’d rather not speak to the competition but we always do enjoy the competition.”

“It definitely gives us a bit of inspiration,” he concluded.

To further explain the dominance of the Porsche, the rep explained that the allure of their brand attracts a certain kind of populace that enjoys the way their cars drive and feel. He mentioned that American Porsche car clubs are one of the biggest car clubs in the world.

Porsche Taycan Is Not Impressive To Tesla Owners

Porsche Taycan is a luxury product and remains out of the reach of several Tesla buyers. Taycan’s main rival, the Tesla Model S, costs around $80,000 less and dominates in terms of the specs.

Kim concluded that Taycan and Tesla Model S are for two different types of buyers. While the former is meant for someone looking for an ultra-premium feel, Tesla is for someone looking for a value for money performance EV.

“They’re two different cars built for two different shoppers, with the only common denominator being their electrified powertrain.”

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