Another “The Moth And The Flame” Story Teaser By Apex Legends

The Moth and The Flame Chapter 2 continues the story of a possible next legend.

Another The Moth And The Flame Story Teaser By Apex Legends
Image: Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment released a teaser earlier today that further continues the story of Apex Legends called “The Moth and The Flame.” The fairytale story-like teaser could very well turn out to be a hint at the upcoming legend in the Season 10 of Apex Legends.

Now, the Twitter handle of Apex Legends has posted chapter 2 in the same story, expanding it a bit further. In the first The Moth and The Flame teaser, we saw the story of a young blind princess and her struggle to stay with her love despite her parents’ disapproval. “Long ago, there lived a young princess who was blind,” told the fairytale teaser.

Apex Legends – The Moth and The Flame: Chapter 2

Now, expanding further on the story, which could be related to the upcoming legend in the Season 10 of Apex Legends. Chapter 2 teaser of The Moth and The Flame continues, “That night, the princess waited by her window with a candle. But the young man never came. She wept for fear that the dangers of the world had hurt her beloved. As she wept, a moth fluttered into her candle’s flame but was quickly extinguished by her tears.”

The moth and The flame Chapter 2 teaser continues, “Grateful; the moth offered to help the princess find her love on one condition. Bemoaning its cursed lot, the moth confessed it was always drawn to that which would do him harm. It wanted to be reborn as her child, to be set free of this curse. The princess swore a blood a blood oath that the moth would be reborn of her, and so, they set off into the moonlit night.”

In addition, during the EA Play live spotlight, Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier referred to the upcoming legend as “he.” All this points to the young man in the story being the next legend to be released in Season 10 of Apex Legends.

However, the clouds over the identity of the upcoming legend still need to be cleared with many continuing chapters in The Moth and The Flame story of Apex Legends.

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