The iMac Pro With M3 Chip Might Not Come Anytime Soon

iMac Pro comeback might sport an M3 chip.

iMac Pro M3
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According to a recent report, Apple’s iMac Pro replacement is rumored to feature an all-new M3 chip. Although it is an indication of the new device’s power and speed, this also means that it won’t be available in the market until the middle of 2023.

The company discontinued iMac Pro in March 2021, and the global user base has been impatiently waiting for a substitute. Although the new Mac studio and Studio display go to certain experts to file the fold, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests through the power On newsletter that Apple does not aim to launch an all-new iMac that will target the ‘pro’ users.

The machine will use “a variation of the M3 chip, likely an M3 Pro and M3 Max,” although it won’t be announced until the middle of next year.

The first iMac that transitioned to the M1 chip was released in 2021, and the company consistently worked on introducing new sizes and designs with a new chip following the release of M2. Although there is no official release date confirmation, the devices will be the latest additions to the iMac franchise Apple.

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Apple is also expected to refresh the existing 24-inch M1 iMac, though it seems to skip M2 and move directly to M3 next year. Apple launched its current machine in May of 2021, meaning it’s over a year old. The newly speculated designs will bring the standard 24-inch size to an all-new 27-inches desktop.

A boost in performance with the M3

The new iMac Pro will not only feature a new design with a 27 inches screen, but it will also come with a new M3 which the company will debut soon. Although these are all speculations, there are massive expectations with the device, and experts anticipate all-new technology combined with supreme performance.

Apple is working on plenty of Macs with the M2 Pro and the M2 Max versions of the MacBook Pro series expected to launch this year. Meanwhile, the Apple M2 Mac Pro is set to launch soon; it is still unclear which chips the device will feature. We might witness a new addition to the lineup, likely called the M3 Extreme, which is above the M2 ultra.



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