The Dropout episode 8 release date and time
Image credit: Hulu

Over the last few weeks, fans have fallen in love with “The Dropout.” The show displays the curious story of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. So far, the show has been on point, gripping fans with an interesting direction. But the release of The Dropout episode 8 will conclude the 2022 miniseries’s first season.

Speaking of which, let’s kick things off with the season finale’s release date. You can expect the final episode of the season on April 07, 2022. Typically, it will follow the standard release schedule of 12:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)/3:00 AM Eastern Time (ET).

With that out of the way, let’s focus on where to watch The Dropout episode 8 online. However, before that, if you missed out on the previous episode, feel free to check our guide on it right here.

Where to watch ‘The Dropout’ episode 8 online?

The Dropout episode 8 release date and time
Image credit: Hulu

Most fans must already know where to watch the Amanda Seyfried-starrer series. However, if you aren’t, you have arrived at the right place. The 2022 show has been following a weekly release exclusively on Hulu.

So evidently, you can also watch The Dropout season finale on Hulu. Additionally, you can watch it for free with a free trial, albeit for a limited period.

How is ‘The Dropout’?

With The Dropout episode 8’s release looming around, many might be wondering if the show is worth it or not. After all, many people want to binge-watch a series rather than stream an episode a week.

To answer that question, the show’s IMDb rating of 7.5/10 is more than enough to answer. Fans seem to love the series and its portrayal of Elizabeth Holmes by Amanda Seyfried.

Aside from a few ups and downs here & there, it is a great series. So if you are planning to watch something this weekend, The Dropout is a fantastic choice.

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