The Coolest Vehicle Features You Didn’t Know You Needed


If it’s been a while since you’ve purchased a new car, you might be surprised at some of the latest vehicle features. These features, which are available on many different vehicle types and models, are a wonderful example of how quickly advancements are being made in the automotive field. Read on to learn about a few of them and to decide which ones are absolute must-haves for your next purchase.

Apple CarPlay Goes Wireless . . . and Beyond

Chances are that you’ve been enjoying Apple CarPlay for quite some time now. It’s a wonderful feature, and it just keeps getting better. For example, on select 2020 vehicle models, you no longer have to connect your device to your vehicle via a USB cable. Instead, you can now pair your device with your vehicle wirelessly, provided your vehicle has WiFi connectivity.

And, as if wireless capability wasn’t enough, Apple has announced that, in 2021, some vehicles will be set up so that they can be started and unlocked via your iPhone!

A New Kind of Cruise Control

Like Apple CarPlay, Cruise Control is an automotive feature that’s been around for years, or, in this case, decades. Just in case you’ve never been lucky enough to have a vehicle with this feature, it allows you to choose and lock in your cruising speed. The vehicle will then stay at that speed consistently until you tell it not to.

Nowadays, though, you don’t have to constantly set and reset your speed, at least not if you choose a vehicle that features the latest iteration of Adaptive Cruise Control. Newer vehicle models with this feature allow your car to automatically match the speed of the vehicle in front of it. Plus, Adaptive Cruise Control is safer and easier to use than ever before.

The Remote Smart Parking Assist Feature

Do you hate the hassle of parallel parking or even just parking in general? If so, you should definitely get a vehicle with automatic parking, which, in most cases, will enable the vehicle to safely park all on its own. However, Hyundai has taken this great feature a step further with its Remote Smart Parking Assist feature, which allows the vehicle to park itself . . . without anyone manning the wheel! Pretty impressive, right? 

Anti-Roll Bars Get Active

In order to be as safe as possible, many vehicles rely on anti-roll bars. And, they really are great for increasing a vehicle’s stability. But, now, they’ve gotten even better. For a safer driving experience, especially when going around those tight curves, look for a vehicle with an active anti-roll bar. This newer feature applies torque to the anti-roll bar whenever it senses that you need a little extra stability.

Changing Compression Ratios

If you’re in the market for a Nissan, be on the lookout for one of the brand’s latest and much talked-about features: a Variable Compression engine. With this engine, compression ratios can be changed at the drop of a hat. Not only does this afford drivers more control over their driving experience, but it can also help to improve fuel economy when used correctly.

Forgotten Charger? No Problem

Finally, here’s a feature that just about anyone can get behind . . . especially anyone who has ever forgotten their car charger at home.

On some newer car models, forgotten chargers are no longer a problem. In fact, you can forget the charger on purpose now that many vehicles are offering wireless phone charging via a special charging pad that gets the job done.

As you can see, there are all kinds of great new features currently available, as well as many awesome features to come. To ensure you get all the features you truly want, do your research. Read up on new car models, what they come standard with, and what your add-on options are. Also, be sure to check out quality car images to ensure you get the full picture (literally!). If you’re willing to put in that kind of effort, then chances are you’ll end up with an awesome, fully-loaded vehicle you’ll be proud to own.

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