How To Test Your Internet Speed With — Simplest Internet Speed Test By Netflix


Short Bytes: is a simple internet connection speed test tool launched by Netflix. It tells you the real-time download speeds and gives you a link to compare your results with the famous Ookla’s Netflix says that it measures your current download speed by performing a series of downloads from Netflix servers.

Are you tired of your ISP’s deception and the slow internet connection speed? Well, you have an option of checking your connection speed and filing a complaint. To check the internet connection speeds, numerous broadband tests are available and they have their own specialties.

While many of you might be using Ookla’s Speedtest from time to time, Netflix is here with the simplest internet connection speed test ever called They also give the option to compare your results with Ookla internet connection speed test.

As you visit the newly released service, you see a minimal interface that just measures your internet service provider’s download speed. After a few seconds of the test, the results are right in front of you in huge digits.

Unlike Ookla’s test, shows no ads and is designed by Netflix to check your download speeds if you are facing any streaming issues with your ISP.

How to take internet connection speed test?

As I earlier said, you just need to visit and your test automatically starts. If you want to check the internet connection speed once more, you need to hit the reload button and the test starts again. measures your current download speed by performing a series of downloads from Netflix servers. “This consumer speed test is different than our Netflix ISP Speed Index. measures your personal Internet connection at any given time,” the Netflix website writes.

Earlier in May, Netflix also introduced a tool to help the users control how much data they use.

Also, check out our articles on how to make your internet faster on pc with few easy steps. vs Ookla results:

I decided to take both and Ookla Speedtest and there was a surprising difference between those. While recorded a download speed of 40-60 Mbps,’s result  was stuck around 10 Mbps.

ookla speed test result results speed test result results

Go ahead, take the both internet connection speed tests, and share your results with us in the comments below.


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