Tesla Software Update (28.3.1) Makes Model 3 Autopilot Even Better

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The latest Tesla Software Update called 2019.28.3.1 was released this week. The new update has been a great boon for all Tesla electric cars. Popular Tesla cars like the Model 3, Model S and Model X have received benefits like an upgraded Autopilot, adaptive air suspension feature, Chess game and much more.

Although not all Tesla electric cars have received these benefits, it is speculated that the Tesla Software update will soon reach all of them very soon.

Tesla Software Update (28.3.1) Features For Model 3 Showcased On Reddit

Tesla Software Update Model 3
Tesla Model 3 merging into traffic by faking a lane change [Dash Cam Footage]
A Reddit user by the name of u/teslajeff posted a video of his Tesla Model 3 navigating through traffic on the way to the airport with Autopilot engaged throughout.

The user showcased the ability of the upgraded Autopilot system in the new Tesla software update by posting a video on the social media platform Reddit. The video features a dashcam view of his car, which changes lane quickly when the highway exit arrives.

The car was first going 40 mph on the highway lane but as soon as the highway exit arrived, the Tesla Model 3 merged into bumper to bumper traffic with ease.

According to Jeb:

“It saw an opening hit the brakes hard and jumped into the correct lane. Amazing! I don’t think I could have done it better”

Furthermore, the Tesla Model 3 engaged on autopilot and also faked a lane change first to make room for itself before sliding into heavy traffic. This is a technique that several human drivers use to merge into the traffic safely. The fact that the Tesla Model 3 was able to do it is nothing short of amazing.

The user was driving the Tesla Model 3 SR+ variant (Standard Range Plus). This particular model sits above the base model and has recently been officially launched in Norway, where Tesla Model 3 recently saw 40,000 registrations in the month of June 2019.

Tesla Software Update For The Model S And Model X

Tesla Software Update 28.3.1
A modified Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X and Model S have received an adaptive air suspension damping upgrade. The Raven Model X and Model S, which launched in April, upgraded these cars with an adaptive air suspension.

For the uninitiated, the adaptive suspension does exactly what its name suggests. It adapts itself to the different kinds of road conditions the car may encounter. The goal of such a system is to make sure that there is no compromise between great handling and comfort at higher speeds.

The upgraded air suspension damping on Tesla Model S and Model X does the same. The new Tesla software update ensures that the adaptive air suspension offers maximum ride comfort and handling even at speeds of 160 kmph or 100 mph.

A cushioned ride felt at this speed is more than enough for almost all users as 100 mph is kind of the standard speed limit on several highways and expressways around the world.

Other improvements that in all the Tesla electric cars include a better multimedia management system. The volume of the speakers will now be automatically lowered when any of the car’s doors open. It is particularly handy while picking up and dropping odd passengers.

Also, while connecting the Bluetooth, the Audio volume will match the car speakers’ volume automatically.

My Take

Tesla has become an even safer and more fun car to drive with this new update. The upgraded autopilot feature is particularly impressive and goes along with the promise of making Tesla electric cars completely autonomous by the end of 2019.

The Tesla software update was also supposed to include the Smart summon feature and a price increase for the Full-Self Driving (FSD) package as well. However, Elon Musk confirmed that the FSD package won’t receive a price increase until the Tesla version 10 software update is released.

Recently, Tesla launched free unlimited charging for the Model X and Model S to boost sales. Now, with this new software update, Tesla cars are definitely going to appreciate in value, similar to what Elon Musk predicted a while back.

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