Video Shows Tesla Self Driving Into A $3.5 Million Private Jet

Tesla Crashed Into Jet

A Tesla vehicle using the automatic parking feature Smart Summon crashed into a $3.5 million Cirrus private jet. The incident happened during an event sponsored by aircraft maker Cirrus at Felts Field Spokane, Washington. When the Tesla vehicle was crashing into the private jet, a Reddit user shot the security footage from his smartphone.

The user who posted the video on the r/flying subreddit said they also own a Tesla Model Y but were not the “poor soul (with poor decision-making abilities) who summoned his Tesla around several expensive aircraft – only to crash it into the most expensive one ($3,500,000)!”

Tesla crashed into a Vision Jet

As seen in the video, the Tesla vehicle using the Smart Summon feature slowly came closer to the Cirrus jet and crashed into the bottom part. Even after the crash vehicle didn’t stop and it turned in the direction of the jet by 90-degree. It appears the owner was not monitoring his Tesla while using Smart Summon.

Tesla first rolled out the Smart Summon feature back in 2019. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO called it the most viral feature. Smart Summon enables Tesla electric cars to leave a parking space and navigate to the owner. It can be enabled using the Tesla app on smartphones and one can summon their Tesla from a max. distance of 200 feet.

Since the feature was first rolled out, more than 550K Tesla owners have tested it. A bunch of them have reported minor and major crashes while testing Smart Summon. But a Tesla crashing into a $3.5 million private jet might be the most expensive monetary damage done by the automatic parking feature.

What do you think about Tesla’s Smart Summon and self-driving feature? Are they ready for the mass adoption or still require a lot of work before releasing it to the public?

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