Tesla Roadster Killer: Karma SC2 Electric Car Has Time Travelling Ability


When I heard the specs of the Karma SC2 electric car, the only thing that came to my mind was the Tesla Roadster. Both cars produce 10,500 nm of torque at the wheel and have an acceleration of 0-60 mph in under 1.9 seconds. The horsepower figure of the Tesla Roadster isn’t available at the moment but I am willing to bet it will be around the 1,100 HP which the SC2 electric car produces.

However, later on in the presentation, several features of the Karma SC2 were revealed which makes it different than almost every other car on the road, electric or otherwise.

Karma SC2 comes with a “Drive and Play” system that allows you to relive either yours or any other driving experience. Essentially giving you the ability to experience the past with the help of a few sensors.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Karma SC 2 electric car

Tesla Roadster Killer: Karma SC2 Electric Car Specs, Features, Powertrain and Time Travel

Karma SC2 uses a dual motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) setup which produces 1,100 HP or 820 kW and 10,500 nm or 7744 ft-lbs of wheel torque. Now do keep in mind that the enormous figure is not the torque produced by the engine — which is how the rest of the auto industry measures it.

If we were to judge the wheel torque of the Dodge Demon running on 91 Octane fuel then it would come out to be 14,000 nm, which is more than both the Tesla Roadster and the Karma SC2 Electric car. If you want to know more about this topic, then I’d suggest watching this video from ever-talented Engineering Explained.

Moving on, the Karma SC2 will feature a 150 kWh lithium-ion battery that’ll offer up to 350 miles of range. In my opinion, the fuel efficiency predicted by Karma automotive is absolutely perfect. Judging by the huge amount of power the SC2 electric car will produce, only a bigger 150 kWh battery will be able to provide a decent battery range without compromising in performance.

For comparison, the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck will probably come with an option for a 150 kWh battery and it trumps more than the SC2 electric car, in terms of weight, size, and proportions.

Karma SC2 will feature torque vectoring, a very balanced center of gravity, carbon-ceramic brakes, and “very little unsprung weight.” EVs will sit on wheels using pushrod suspensions which aid in high-speed stability and reduce body roll.

Commenting on the design of the Karma SC2 EV the officials said, “the silhouette of any Karma in the future will be clearly recognizable through outstanding stance and proportions.”

Karma SC2 looks like a concept but it clearly resembles the newly unveiled Revero GTS and the older Revero GT. Like a proper hypercar, the SC2 features a long hood, super-low stance, and scissor doors. The SC2 looks similar to the SC1 concept with a hardtop.

Tesla Roadster Killer Karma SC2 Electric Car Specs

From the inside, the EV features a racing harness, a super sporty steering wheel with 3-D capacitive touches and ultrasonic sensors. According to officials from Karma Automotive, the driver never needs to take their hands off the steering wheel.

But what makes this Karma SC2 electric car a Tesla Roadster killer is the “Drive and Play” system. This feature records the surroundings of the car and allows them to be replayed when the car is parked. For example, if you went to the canyons for your Sunday morning drive and drove around there for an hour, you can now relive that moment by sitting in your car using the “Drive and Play” feature.

You’ll also be able to share with friends the virtual experience of your ride and also invite them to race on any of the famous race tracks around the world. That’s not all you will also be able to compete against racing legends including Stirling Moss, the famous British F1 Racing driver, and several others.

There are no details on how all of this ‘future-tech’ would work but my guess is it involves a VR headset and a bunch of sensors. Karma automotive also said that in order to aid in autonomous driving, the company will use RADAR, LIDAR, and Ultrasonic cameras to help capture the scenery around you to be experienced later.

Is Karma SC2 A Tesla Roadster Killer?

As much as the “Drive and Play” feature sounds great, it’s no match for real-world performance. There’s still no other electric car that can match the 600-mile battery range of Tesla Roadster, let alone beat it.

If you’re adamant about experiencing the “Drive and Play” feature, then I’d advise you to buy a gaming console and a VR headset. Almost all of the features the Karma automotive promise can now be done in several modern racing video games.

If you have booked your Tesla Roadster, rest easy because you’d still be getting the best electric car in the world.

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