Tesla Owner Blows Up His Model S Because of Insane Repair Cost

What would you do?


Ever wondered what you would do if the repair bill for your car exceeded almost half of what you paid for it. Unfortunately, some Tesla owners are facing this reality right now. Tuomas Katainen was in this exact situation as he got a repair bill of $22,600 for his Tesla Model S.

After bringing his car to a mechanic, Katainen found out he would have to change the entire battery pack. He was quoted $22,600 (around 20,000€) for a battery replacement. However, he decided to blow it up rather than repairing his car. He picked up his Tesla Model S from the shop and told the mechanic that he would “explode the whole car away.”

“Well when I bought that Tesla, the first 1,500km [932 miles] were nice,” Katainen recounted. “Then, error codes hit.”

Tuomas Katainen

Katainen gave his vehicle to Pommijätkät (which roughly translates to Bomb Dudes), who like to blow things up on Youtube. Currently, owners like Katainen are stuck without an official solution. The only thing he could do was watch the fiery explosion courtesy of Pommijätkät. Elon Musk also made a spiritual appearance in the form of a test dummy stuffed in the driver’s seat.

Tesla’s insane repair cost

This is pretty insane considering that a new 2013 Tesla Model S goes for around $59,900. Even if Katainen went for a standard used model, it would have cost him about $30,000 at the lowest. Tesla cars come with an eight-year (or 150,000 miles) battery and drive unit warranty. However, most old models start to expire, leaving owners with this shocking revelation.

Previously another Tesla owner was quoted $22,500 for a battery replacement, as reported by Electrek. However, the owner got a repair for $5,000 from a third-party shop. This seems like a reasonable cost for a car quoted at around $30,000. Tesla also needs to support the right to repair as right now, it is financially impossible to get a battery replacement.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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