Here’s Is Tesla Model Y Vs Tesla Model 3 First Comparison

Tesla Model Y Vs Model 3 price size

The first impression of the Tesla Model Y is out, and now we have a detailed comparison of Tesla Model Y Vs Model 3. Here’s the same blue metallic Performance Model Y with a performance upgrade we previously saw and the 2018 Tesla Model 3.

Tim Coats has posted a video on his YouTube channel Adonis Detail, talking about the comparison between the two electric cars.

Tesla Model Y Vs Model 3 Comparison: Specs, Features, Battery Range.

Exterior comparison

In terms of length and width, both cars are somewhat similar. However, there is a significant margin in the height of both vehicles. At the first glimpse from the front, the Tesla Model 3 might look identical to the Model Y, but a closer look will help you identify the difference.

Tim explains how the front bumper of Model 3 is more aggressive than the Model Y. If you move a bit on the side profile of bumpers, then you can observe that the Model Y is more subtle in design compared to the Model 3.

The side profile of the Tesla Model Y is what sets it apart from its cousin. The car looks bigger and forms a resemblance to Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model Y Vs Tesla Model 3

If we talk about ground clearance, both electric vehicles belong to different segments. The Tesla Model Y has more ground clearance than the Model 3, on the account of being an SUV. Additionally, this Model Y has a performance upgrade that comes with a lowered suspension; it is one of the reasons why this Model Y, in particular, has a low ride height.


The interior looks almost the same, the steering and the screen in both the cars are similar as well. However, once you move inside the Model Y, you can easily spot the difference.

The speakers in the Model Y sound a bit different compared to Model 3. Also, being an SUV, the Model Y seating position is higher and the doors are bigger. In contrast to Model 3, the dashboard of Model Y seems to be at a higher point than Model 3.

One of the most highlighting features inside the Tesla Model Y is its full panoramic sunroof, whereas, in Model 3, a crossbar divides the roof in two.

Apart from these differences, the rear window of Tesla Model 3 is quite bigger than Model Y and has better visibility.

Talking about the rear, one of the reasons why people are falling in love with Model Y is its cargo space. Upon lifting the trunk gate, you can see ample space inside the car which makes it one of the most practical vehicles if you carry a lot of stuff.

The reaction of the public so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

One of the viewers also commented, “I would like to trade my model 3 for this”.

The Model 3 was a game-changer electric car for Tesla. Now with such an enthusiastic response from people, it seems like the Model Y will likely repeat the success of Model 3. It is only a matter of time before it becomes the main breadwinner for Tesla and starts bringing in even more profits than the Model 3 ever did.

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