Tesla Model X Vs. Audi e-tron: Most Anticipated Electric Drag Race


Can you guess who will win the battle of “Tesla Model X Vs Audi e-tron”? It is the battle of Tesla, the uncrowned king of electric cars vs. the german legend of automotive engineering.

Both cars are electric SUVs. Tesla Model X used in the competition is All-Wheel Drive, meaning an electric motor on both the front and rear wheels. The electric SUV has a range of 350 miles with a top speed limit of 155mph (249kmh). It has a power output equivalent to 443hp.

On the other side of the board, we have Audi e-tron, the first electric SUV from the German automaker Audi. Audi e-tron is 15 cm shorter in length than the Tesla Model X. However, in terms of weight, it weighs around 2560 kg, making it 100kg heavier than Model X.

Apart from this, e-tron has 409hp and a peak torque of up to 664 Nm in boost mode. Furthermore, the electric car has a range of 237 miles and a top speed of 124 miles.

Moving on to the pith of the article. Jonny and Vicky from the YouTube channel Fifth Gear presented the race, and here’s the video for you.

Tesla Model X Vs. Audi e-tron (Showdown)

The competition was divided into three parts. The first was a drag race to check how fast each car is. The second aspect included cabin space, room, and comfort. And in the last round, the driver had to complete a full round of the track to check its best time on track.

Drag Race

In the first round, the driver of Audi e-tron assists himself with the boost mode to get the maximum torque. Although there was a cut-throat competition between the electric cars but Model X was unbeatable.

However, throughout the drag race, the drivers didn’t mention the ludicrous mode in Tesla Model X, which is dedicated to drag races. I don’t know whether they used it or not. I think not because if they had used it, then Tesla would have easily outrun the e-tron. And that wouldn’t be interesting at all.

Furthermore, we don’t know whether the presenters lowered the suspension of the Tesla Model X to give to increase its performance.

Tesla Model X Vs. Audi e-tron

Cabin Space

Tesla has plenty of room and an option of both six and seven-seats. On the other hand, Audi e-tron is a five-seater electric SUV. However, e-tron is quite impressive in its boot space. But overall it’s Tesla Model X that has the edge over e-tron and won this round too.

Shortest Lap Time(Tesla Model X Vs. Audi e-tron)

Now this round has a twist in the competition. Audi e-tron is a heavier vehicle and less powerful than its competitor, the Model X. So anybody can easily say that Tesla will win, looking at what’s on paper.

Surprisingly Audi e-tron completed one lap 6 seconds quicker than Tesla Model X and won this round. Thanks to the excellent engineering and design of the old giant Audi.

Vicky, being a professional race driver, drove both the electric cars. She said that Tesla is smooth and quicker in straight lines. But Audi has a stiffer suspension system, and it is more lively to drive it.

Audi has been in the industry for years. They are among the best in the auto industry. They might not be as advanced as Tesla in electric vehicle technology, but their engineering is one of the best in the world.

I’d suggest you watch the video to find out who is the real winner.

Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar is an automotive enthusiast and writes about the latest trends happening in the industry. He covers topics related to electric and hybrid vehicles.
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