Tesla Model X Review After One Year: Will Not Buy Again Says Owner

Tesla Model X review after one year review specs range price
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Here’s is the Tesla Model X review after one year. Tesla Model X, an electric SUV with falcon-wing doors and a good amount of tech failed to impress the owner.

After having a year’s experience, its owner says he will not recommend it to anyone.

Tesla Model X was first revealed in February 2012. Its advanced features, iconic falcon wings, and design are more than enough to grab anybody’s attention. But what utilities does it serve? is it worth spending $100,000?

Tesla Model X Review: What The Owner Has To Say

This is the review of the 2016 Model X made by the YouTube channel Teslanomics with Ben Sullins. However, it’s been only one year since the YouTuber started using it.

The YouTuber said when he bought the electric car, it had a claimed range of 250 miles. However, he was getting an efficiency of 74% only, which reduced the range of electric SUV to 177 miles.

With this range, the car is only good for travel within the city. You cannot consider it for longer routes. However, the current Model X has an improved range of up to 351 miles.

On the other hand, one of the super impressive features it has is its ludicrous mode. The user mentioned that he enjoys this mode the most. He races with motorcycles and some high-end sports cars and has easily won all the time.

The Performance variant of the Model X can achieve 0 to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. It’s so quick that you would hit your head back on the seat as soon as you press the throttle.

 Tesla Model X Review (Downsides)

Since Ben has an older version of the Model X, therefore it has the Autopilot 1 Hardware. Autopilot one is not as cool as its latest version and cannot perform advanced functions like detecting traffic signs. Also, the latest version has around eight cameras for assisting in Autonomous driving and much more.

Automatic doors are cool but not smart enough. There are times when you go near the door without the intention of opening or you just pass by it and the door opens, it can be frustrating sometimes.

Tesla Model X after one year review

Falcon wings are no doubt the biggest highlight of the Tesla Model X but they have several downsides too. They will not open even when there is a slightest obstacle like a curtain or even some leaves.

Once again, the falcon wings enter the list, once you give a command to close the door it will not stop till it closes completely. This can be dangerous in the case of kids. What if their hand comes in between the doors?

During rain or even light dew that adheres to the surface of the car, whenever you open the Falcon wing doors water gets into the passenger compartment.

However, Model X has plenty of cabin space and six to seven people can comfortably fit in. If we talk about the upsides of Tesla Model X then we have to write another article about it.

As evident, most of the people on YouTube didn’t agree with the owner’s point of view.

Well, the above information is based on what the owner of Model X said. On the other hand, Tesla is consistently improving its cars. They are making sure to hit all the buttons.

If anybody is planning to buy a used Tesla Model X then they can consider the above review.

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