Tesla Model 3 Screen Mod: Will Autopilot Work Without Screen?

Tesla Model 3 Screen Mod Autopilot

This new Tesla Model 3 screen mod transforms the console as it is on the Tesla Model S and X. Youtube channel “Dirty Tesla” showcased a new tilted screen modification for their Tesla Model 3 Performance variant.

In the process of upgrading his in-car infotainment system, he also showcased whether the Autopilot system in his Tesla Model 3 will work without the screen or not.

In his latest video, the presenter showcased to us how his Model 3 screen looked before and after the mod and also how the interior looks without any form of the screen at all.

Watch the video to find out more.

Tesla Model 3 Screen Mod: Autopilot Working?

As we can see in the video, the Autopilot in the Tesla Model 3 works fine even without a screen. The presenter took the screen out easily, however, he did caution his audience to perform this process very carefully.

The Tesla screen, if damaged, costs around $1,000 on eBay, according to him. An official replacement from Tesla might cost even more.

So after taking the screen off, he simply turned ON the Autopilot and it began functioning seamlessly. None of the functions of the Autopilot were compromised by taking off the screen.

The presenter was monitoring information like speed and range through his Tesla app on his smartphone. One thing which troubled him though was the absence of footage from rear parking cameras. Without any screen on the dashboard, it isn’t possible to view what’s happening at the rear end, however, the parking sensors worked totally fine.

After driving around a little, the presenter installed the new screen lowering bracket on his dashboard. According to the description, the parts of the screen are made from “CNC machined 6061 aluminum”, therefore my guess is it’ll be pretty sturdy.

It is also a direct bolt-on kit that requires no permanent modification to the car. It can be installed within 20 minutes and lowers the Tesla Model 3 screen by 1.6 inches. The kit also allows the screen to be adjusted 9 degrees forward.

After a successful installation, the screen can be tilted a bit towards the driver, similar to how it is on the Model S and Model X.

The presenter shows us the final result and also confirms that the tilt does not block his view at all. Almost all the information on the screen is available to the driver in the tilted position, he confirmed.

The screen can be adjusted back to its original position within 2 minutes. However, the presenter warned the audience that doing so could void the screen’s warranty. Therefore he insisted that his viewers install this screen at their own risk.

Should You Install Tesla Model 3 Screen Mod?

If you want the screen look of the Tesla Model S and Model X without spending a $100,000 then buying this screen mod is a great alternative.

However, it goes without saying that in doing so you’ll void your warranty. Also, you’re prone to damaging the screen in your Tesla Model 3.

Whatever be the case, I think it is high time that Tesla started rolling out its own official mods for its electric cars. EVs made by the company are selling like hotcakes, and even the recently unveiled Tesla Cybertruck bagged almost 200,000 pre-orders in just 72 hours.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that a lot of Tesla owners are waiting for official mods from the company to personalize their Model 3 without voiding any warranty.

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