Tesla Model 3 Latest Software Update Improves Highway Driving & Spotify


The Tesla Model 3 2020.44.10.1 latest software update just dropped recently, and it brings massive changes to highway driving, media search improvements, and an upgraded voice command language function. Currently, only a handful of people across the United States are getting the Full Self Driving Update (Beta) from Tesla.

However, for the rest of the electric car owners, Tesla has released a brand new software update, which includes many bug fixes and some significant improvements to the way people use their electric cars daily.

Here’s all you need to know about the latest Tesla Model 3 Software update.

Tesla Model 3 Software Update (2020.44.10.0): Release Notes And Features Explained

Tesla Model 3 Software Update Features

YouTuber Tesla Canuck went through each of the following features in his latest video:

Autopilot Set Speed
It allows the user to set the offset speed as a percentage of the speed limit instead of a fixed number. It is particularly useful for scaling when traveling in areas with different speed limits.

For example, if your area’s speed limit is 50 mph and the offset locked at 10%, the resulting speed would be 55 mph.
Similarly, on the highway, where this feature is handy, if the speed limit is 60 or 70 mph, 10% of that speed will scale be 66 mph or 77 mph.

It is useful over a fixed offset speed, which only increases the autopilot speed by a certain amount because it has a high chance of either going below the speed limit in certain areas. However, there are some problems with this feature. I’ll talk about it later in the article.

Spotify Improvement
The Tesla Model 3 latest software update brings along UI changes, making the Spotify app on the Tesla Dashboard just as user friendly as the one on your phone. It is now easier to find your playlist on the Spotify app, and you also have access to podcasts.

Media Search Improvement & Media Sources
Both of these updates are mentioned separately in the release notes, but they work in combination. For example, you can now hide the media sources that you don’t use. However, you need to keep at least three media sources ON at all times. But it still works the way it’s intended.

For example, in the video, the YouTuber voice searches songs from the famous English heavy metal band “Iron Maiden.” Since he only uses Spotify as his media source, he only received search results from that particular app. The song suggestion was also from Spotify as well. Earlier, due to different media sources being involved, the search results were cluttered, but now they’re much easier to read.

Voice Command Language
The new Voice command language option in the latest Tesla Software update allows the user to change language via touch control display easily.

Auto Set Speed: Offset Speed Not Increasing

Although the Auto-Set Speed automatically scales up the speed as you move to areas with different speed limits, it sometimes does not. During the testing, the YouTuber discovered that upon setting the offset speed at 10% for the 50 kmph speed limit, the system did not automatically increase the speed after entering an 80 kmph zone.

After re-engaging the autopilot manually again, the offset speed was set to the said speed limit. Tesla owners in the comment section explained that it only remembers the initial speed limit that the user specifies. The system will only accelerate if you are initially driving in a 95 kmph area and decelerate into a 70 kmph zone only to re-enter the 95 kmph road again.

Meanwhile, other users suggested solving the issue with offset speed in Tesla by simply tapping on the speed-limit displayed on the dashboard screen. It’ll speed up the respective limit without any issues.

Tesla Autopilot Future Predictions

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot-FSD-Redlight-Autostop

Tesla likes to provide longevity to its products. Therefore, all those EV’s that won’t get the FSD beta update will instead likely keep receiving further updates that continually improve their basic autonomous driving features.

The FSD Beta was released by Tesla to a handful of users in the United States. Since then, the FSD-enabled Tesla electric cars have proved their navigation abilities around challenging driving sections like intersections and roundabouts.

Furthermore, Elon Musk recently confirmed to a Twitter user, Kjell Arne Rekaa, that as soon as the FSD goes out of early beta in the U.S., it’ll be released in Canada and Norway. The latter country has one of the highest densities of Tesla electric vehicles in the world. Furthermore, Norway also “world-leading” laws in terms of autonomous vehicles, said Rekaa.

The latest Tesla Software update of 2020.44.10.1 is an excellent example of that. With even more updates to come, your Tesla electric car will always be a product that keeps getting better with time.

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