Tesla Model 3 Battery Range Increases By Using Small Wheels


The Tesla Model 3 receives a significant battery range increase by using small wheels. We all know that the Model 3 Performance AWD version comes with 20-inch wheels. They are quite big and, as several users have reported, also risk breaking when going over big potholes.

Kyle from Out of Spec Motoring recently changed his big stock Tesla wheels with a set of 18-inch Martian forged aluminum wheels.

He also switched to a narrower tire for the new wheels to reduce rolling resistance.

Here’s how much range increase the Tesla Model 3 saw.

Tesla Model 3 Battery Range Increases: 18-Inch Wheels For Better Efficiency

Tesla Model 3 Battery Range Increase

The exact name of the 18″ Martian wheels is MW03 7.5J. The dude ordered them to be narrower than they usually are.

Before swapping the tires, the efficiency of the Tesla Model 3 AWD was 350-380 wh/mile, which roughly equals 2.8-2.6 miles/kWh.

Kyle’s normal driving involves majorly going at a speed of 80 or 90 mph. After swapping the old Tesla wheels with the new ones, he decided to go for a test run to get an idea for the efficiency of the car.

He went on the highway driving around at the same speed as before and he immediately noticed a difference. The consumption dropped to 190 wh/mile when he was driving behind a trailer.

The average consumption during the entire trip was 293 wh/mile or 3.41 miles/kWh, which is quite significant.

Is Using Smaller Wheels Better For Efficiency?

Tesla Model 3 Range Increase Small Wheels

Two immediate benefits of using smaller wheels are weight reduction and better ride comfort. Smaller wheels, in this case, the 18-inch Martian forged aluminum ones, have less weight, which in turn makes the car lighter.

Since they have a small diameter, the tires wrapped around them have a thicker sidewall. Meaning these tires soak bumps more easily and offer a smooth ride.

Will you downsize your car’s wheels after this? Let us know in the comments.

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