Tesla’s New “Megapack” Could Power Every Home In San Francisco


The latest invention from the Elon Musk-led electric car company is a brand new Tesla Megapack Battery storage solution. From the initial description of Megapack, I have almost no doubt in its capabilities.

Tesla Megapack Battery Storage With 3MWh+ Capacity

Tesla Megapack Battery Storage Capacity

A while ago we talked about how Nissan wants to build a Leaf electric car which will be able to power your home. Well, according to Nissan CEO the big battery Leaf electric car was made to solve the problem of “Duck Curve”. It is a phenomenon in which renewable energy is produced more than it is actually used hence a lot of it goes to waste.

Nissan CEO also commented on Tesla Cars as well as a way to gain brownie points. However, a few weeks later Tesla is all ready with a scalable battery storage solution. See kids, that’s how you work in silence.

The Tesla Megapack can be scaled for more than 1GWh operations which is more than enough to power every house in San Fransico for 6 hours. These numbers are impressive because the Tesla Megapack is not a grid, not yet.

The Tesla Megapack is just a collection of really huge and efficient batteries that are being tested to replace the conventional grid.

A Tesla Megapack includes:

  • Battery Modules
  • Bi-directional inverters
  • Thermal management system
  • AC Main Breaker and Control

According to the description of Tesla Megapack, almost no assembly is required by the product. All you need to do is connect the Megapack to your site’s wiring and you’re done.

Since the Tesla Megapack is an all-in-one pre-assembled energy storage solution, it can be installed 10x faster. In terms of space as well, the Tesla Megapack is 40x smaller than the conventional grid of equal capacity.

According to Tesla, they can deploy a 250MW power plant in less than three months on a three-acre footpoint. Similar to Tesla Cars, Tesla Megapack will also receive over the air software updates.

Currently, the Tesla Powerpack and Powerwall contribute to a 2GWh of cumulative power storage worldwide. However, with Tesla Megapack will contribute massively to this number.

Tesla Megapack Usage

The Tesla Megapack will offer capacity support, voltage support, acting as a Microgrid, and a lot more. The Tesla Megapack will not replace the conventional grid immediately. It currently seeks an additional smaller grid that could power small towns and districts.

A good example of a similar Tesla Product is the Powerpack battery in Hornsdale, South Australia. The battery was installed a few years ago and since then it has saved around $40 million.

As the adoption of electric cars increases and the advent of fast-charging stations, several countries like Australia and Britain are concerned about the additional load on the national electric grid. The Tesla Megapack could be a great answer to that.

Fossbytes’ take

Tesla Megapack is a great initiative from the company. With upcoming Q3 targets looming in the background, Tesla could use a small boost with some products from its Solar panel line.

The company did recover a lot during this Q2 but analysts predict that Tesla desperately needs a change in strategy if it wants to recover and become a profitable company before 2020.

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