Tesla FSD 10.69.2 Beta Rolling Out; Will Be “Overly Cautious” Around Pedestrians

Social media is buzzing over the update!

Tesla FSD 10.69.2 Beta Rolling Out; Will Be "Overly Cautious" Around Pedestrians
Image: Twitter

Tesla released the third phase of the 10.69 version of FSD Beta over the weekend, and feedback began to flood social media channels almost immediately. Tesla seems to have taken into account the criticism it received for not reacting appropriately to pedestrians earlier. Elon Musk stated that the software has become “overly cautious, particularly around pedestrians.”

Tesla started delivering the 10.69.2 update to some testers on Sunday night. Mr. Musk later announced that 10.69.2 appeared to be ready for a broad release to all FSD Beta testers, which includes around 100,000 drivers.

Musk stated that v.10.69.2 was ready to be rolled out to Tesla owners who were still running v.10.12.2 and had been waiting for 10.69.

Tesla FSD 10.69.2 beta rolling out.

Tesla FSD 10.69.2 Beta Rolling Out; Will Be "Overly Cautious" Around Pedestrians
Image: Tesla

Tesla’s driving system aims to provide a complete experience for those who already have the feature, especially since 10.69.2 is a limited release for a number of users.

Musk stated in a tweet that people should expect it to be “overly cautious” around pedestrians and other cars that the system detects. Some videos on Twitter have even showcased that the feature would come to a halt and prioritize allowing pedestrians to cross before proceeding with the drive.

FSD Beta 10.69.2 is the most advanced Tesla FSD beta version, with more features coming with the company’s autonomous driving feature. It focuses on more integration on the country’s public streets and highways.

It also has a better unprotected left turn maneuver, extensive road mapping, and an improved pedestrian detection system. Lastly, The Tesla FSD beta aims to deliver more on the system’s offers that will help users on their daily drives.

Tesla has made marvelous improvements in its autopilot software. However, it still isn’t for crowded markets like India when looked at from a safety point of view. And, back in 2021, Musk had his viewpoints on delaying business in India.

However, with all the improvements to the FSD beta, we should still note that Tesla autopilot isn’t perfect. In fact, Tesla’s cost cutting might’ve been the reason its cars run into motorcyclists. What do you think about the hardware that gives data to Tesla’s software? Let us know in the comments.

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