Tesla Employees Scared Of Elon Musk’s “Rage Firings”: Report

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk is known to be housed around controversies, mostly via tweets he posts. Now, according to WIRED, Tesla employees may not have as good a relationship with the owner as one could expect.

The report by WIRED suggests that Elon Musk has been a difficult boss to work with, given his high-demanding nature and extracting way too much work from his employees.

In a conversation with various former and current Tesla employees, the report throws light on how Elon Musk is capable of firing people based on petty issues.

One of the former employees, a young engineer (who was expecting a positive review by his manager the following week), was sacked instantly by  Elon Musk when he was questioned about a misalignment issue.

Following this, Musk began firing hundreds of employees basis their performance. The eventual ‘rage firing’ process led others to maintain a distance from Musk and fear had dwelled into the minds of the employees, thinking any day could be their last.

The report also states that employees refrain from walking too close to his desk as an unwanted encounter “might endanger their career.”

The report further suggests that employees experienced a ‘thrilling and tumultuous’ working experience, with one former employee hinting that “everyone in Tesla is in an abusive relationship with Elon.”

All the employees who spoke about the working environment at Tesla were under anonymity, even when the review was a positive one.

However, Tesla denied the report and termed it an “overly dramatized, abbreviated and misleading content”, suggesting that Elon Musk has utmost care for his employees.

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