Tesla Cybertruck Battery Size And Efficiency Similar To Tesla Model X


What do Tesla Cybertruck and The Tesla Model X have in common? The Tesla Model X electric car has similar battery efficiency when compared to Tesla Cybertruck. If you’re wondering how an SUV and a super heavy Tesla Cybertruck can have similar battery consumption rates, well it’s because Elon Musk himself revealed this during the Cybertruck event last month.

Jon, an EV and clean energy enthusiast, revealed that while Elon was comparing the Ford F-150 and the Tesla Cybertruck he unknowingly gave away a lot of information.

Jon points out that Elon revealed the Tesla Cybertruck battery size and efficiency during the event. He recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel ‘Cleamerwatt’ to explain the calculations that he used to find the Cybertruck’s battery pack info.

Here’s his video:

Tesla Cybertruck And Tesla Model X: Too Similar For Each Other

Jon explains that during the event, Elon told us that the fuel cost of Ford F-150 is around $150/month while that of Tesla Cybertruck will be $40/month. If we figure out what electricity and fuel prices Tesla used to make these calculations, we can find out the Tesla Cybertruck battery size and efficiency.

Jon showed that Tesla is taking a rate of $2.85 per gallon for gas and $0.13 per kWh for electricity. The figures are given on the vehicle configuration page on the official Tesla website.

Jon then took the official Miles Per Gallon (MPG) figure from Fueleconomy.gov for the Ford F-150 to run a 3.5 liter 6 cylinder pickup truck and calculated the number of miles driven in the $150 worth of fuel which Elon mentioned.

The Ford F-150 gets around 45.61 gallons of fuel in $150 and it uses the same amount of fuel to travel 866.67 miles. Now, we apply the rate of the $0.13 per kWh of electricity to find the total miles driven for the Tesla Cybertruck.

According to the calculation, we can buy 307 kWh of electricity for the price of $40 at the mentioned rate. After dividing the 307 kWh by 866.67 miles we get 0.355 kWh/mile or 355 Wh/mile.

Now if we multiply the 355 Wh/mile with the number of battery miles (300 miles) of the Tesla Cybertruck dual-motor we get a battery pack of 106.5 kWh.

The Tesla Model X battery efficiency is also 355 Wh/mile despite it being a much lighter electric car than the Tesla Cybertruck.

In my opinion, the big breakthrough here is the fact that they’re going to be able to manufacture this big heavy vehicle but it’ll not be as heavy as we think,” concludes Jon after these calculations.

Jon said that Tesla will find a way to integrate Maxwell technology into its current battery technology to make a lighter and more powerful battery pack for the Tesla Cybertruck.

Will The Cybertruck Be As Light As The Model X?

The short answer is no. The Tesla Cybertruck will be heavier than the Model X, the Ford F-150 and the rest of the crop of the mid-size pickup trucks.

The host of “Engineering Explained” had previously demonstrated that the Tesla Cybertruck is a lot heavier than the Ford F-150. He used the Tesla Cybertruck Vs Ford F-150 tug of war as an example to show how this competition only proves that the Cybertruck has a lot more weight than the Ford F-150.

In the end, we know two things for sure. Firstly, the Tesla Cybertruck will make use of Maxwell’s technology in its battery pack. Secondly, the Cybertruck will stay true its $40 fuel cost that Elon mentioned when it launches in 2021.

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