Tesla Autopilot Safely Stops Car As Driver Falls Unconscious While Driving

As per the police investigation, the driver was drunk.

Tesla Autopilot stop car
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A Model S in Norway was safely brought to a stop by the company’s driving assistance system, Tesla Autopilot. The system stopped the electric car after the driver went unconscious while driving.

Fortunately, Autopilot was activated that managed to stop the electric car safely. Otherwise, the result could have been devastating. Tesla Autopilot requires drivers always to keep their hands on the steering wheel while driving. If the driver fails the latter, then first the system warns the driver, and eventually, Autopilot stops the car.

The system tracks the amount of torque the driver is applying on the steering wheel through their hands. If the torque is less than a certain value, it tells the system that the driver is not attentive. Tesla says the users must always stay attentive and ready to take control. It reduces the possibility of any mishappening. Now moving on to the details of this recent incident in Norway.

More Details: Tesla Autopilot Stopped Car Itself

The incident happened on Friday, 30th July, in the eastern district of Norway. One of the motorists noticed that the driver is seemingly unconscious in a Tesla Model S. At the time, the electric car was moving at a speed of around 100 km/h, and the driver’s head was down.

The motorists filmed the guy, and finally, after the repeated warnings, Autopilot safely stopped the car in a tunnel. The motorists then tried to wake up the driver, but he was still unconscious. After some time, the police arrived, and it turns out the driver was drunk.

He was so drunk that the driver even denied that he was driving. According to the police, “At 0540, a Tesla stops in the tunnel. It turns out to be a man 24 years old who has fallen asleep behind the wheel. He is also drunk but stubbornly denies driving. Although there is a video of him from the car,… Necessary samples have been taken“.

The police also confirmed that his driver’s license had been seized. Well, the good part is that no one is injured. Also, Tesla Autopilot is not a full self-driving software. It’s a driving assistance system, and considering this; it did a nice job. Sometimes people criticize Tesla for its Autopilot system, but this time we guess it needs some appreciation.

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Source: Electrek

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