Tesla on Autopilot, Challenges Google Self-Driving Car Concept


tesla model s tesla d electric car tesla announcement supercarShort Bytes: Tesla has released the Autopilot version 7.0 for its electric vehicles. It boasts of features that are years ahead from its rivals. The updated car would also scan for the parking space for you and alert in case of an impending collision in real time

Elon Musk has gone full throttle to make the Tesla Models as the complete car of the future. After getting famous for pioneering the EVs globally to reduce carbon emissions and procrastinate the climate change, Tesla is achieving other engineering feats as well.

Tesla Motors has just released its latest software update that will allow the Model S owners to lay back and enjoy while the car gets automatically driven. The Autopilot version 7.0 boasts of a unique camera combinations, radar, ultrasonic sensors and data which enable the Model S to automatically steer and change lanes. The updated car would also scan for the parking space for you and alert in case of an impending collision in real time.

The Tesla software system is different from its rivals as it forms a network with other cars. So, if anything happens to say Model S1 car, the Model S2 and all the other cars with the Autopilot software would learn from the incident and watch out for the similar incident then on. The data is uploaded to the central server, analyzed and sent back to other cars.

These self-learning features distinct Tesla Autopilot version 7.0 from other major autopilot car manufacturers like Audi, BMW and Google.


The new update also has high precision GPS navigation and the details are several times finer than the current standards. This eventually leads to better driving and a pleasant trip for the Tesla costumers.

For the owners who had already purchased the Autopilot update option at the time of buying the Model S, the software is free while it will cost $2,500 to the buyers who didn’t purchase their car with this option.

Now, after autopilot what’s left for Tesla is to build a flying car.

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