Watch: Tencent Employees Run As Office Building Goes Into Lockdown After A Covid Case

But will they escape the authorities!

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China’s economy is going down and the effects are visible in every industry. Even Tencent, the popular tech company witnessed a fall in sales. But a recent video of Tencent employees is both shocking and amusing. In a clip shared by a Twitter user, Tencent employees are seen running outside the building as if a catastrophe has occurred.

But the real reason is a lot different. One would assume that a fire must have broken out but it turns out that a covid case was detected in the company. After that, employees started running out of the building.

Why were the Tencent employees running out?

China has some of the harshest Covid restrictions. Recently, the authoritarian government made the lives of both infected and non-infected people hell with astonishing covid procedures. These included forced covid tests, quarantine with poor infrastructure, and detention and thrashing of citizens.

So, the employees running out makes sense because they don’t want to be trapped in quarantine just because one person had covid. The lockdowns are different worldwide but China implemented them brutally. Office employees are aware of the treatment of patients and are running to evade the building lockdown which would make their lives hell.

China’s vaccines have also been less effective in preventing mutating virus strains and as travel and tourism resumed, cases started to soar again. When the whole world was plagued with the virus, China residents didn’t have severe covid infections.

The country’s economy is also collapsing and citizens are not even allowed to withdraw cash. Its housing market is one of the biggest reasons for the economic landslide because they kept pouring money into buildings to show development.

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The video has dodged China’s Great Firewall and is being shared on social platforms. Earlier, complete building lockdowns implemented in the country left the resident crying for food and water. We do hope that the covid cases subside.

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