Tekken Creator Bandai Namco Confirms It Was Hacked, Sensitive Data Leaked

The scope of damage is still not known.

Bandai Namco Confirms It Was Hacked, Sensitive Data Leaked
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Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco and another major publisher suffered a major hack. Earlier today, a ransomware organization called BlackCat added the publisher of Elden Ring to its list of victims.

Although details regarding the damage’s scope and the amount of money the group is seeking are still unknown. The company is behind some of the significant industry-shaping games like Ace Combat, Tekken, Dragon Ball Z, and the Dark souls series.

Was Bandai Namco hacked?

Bandai Namco Confirms It Was Hacked, Sensitive Data Leaked
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A gang named ALPHV claimed earlier this week to have “ransomed” Bandai Namco. The ransom leverage was based on leaked private documents. The publisher has now acknowledged the hack in a statement released to VGC.

In the statement, Bandai Namco acknowledged the hack occurred on July 3, 2022. A third party gained unlawful access to the internal systems of various Group companies in Asian areas (excluding Japan).

After confirming the unauthorized access, the company is taking strict action, such as limiting access to the servers; hence, stopping further damage. Additionally, there is a chance that customer data for the Asian regions’ (aside from Japan) Toys and Hobby Business was stored on servers and PCs.

Bandai is currently determining the extent of the damage. “We are currently identifying the status about the existence of leakage, the scope of the damage, and investigating the cause,” the company wrote.

Additionally, the company aims to collaborate with other groups to improve security across the board and take action to stop the repetition. It even apologized for any difficulties the incident might have caused. What do you think about it? Comment down below.

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