Tekken: Bloodline Anime Trailer Reveals Release Date

The anime looks very faithful to the games.

Tekken: Bloodlines Anime Trailer Reveals Release Date
Image Credit: Netflix

“Tekken: Bloodlines” is an upcoming anime based on the massively popular fighting game franchise Tekken. Netflix already has a couple of anime based on game franchises like DOTA and Castlevania, but this is the first fighting game that the streamer has decided to turn into anime.

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If all that sounds interesting, you need to buckle up as there’s a lot more. We have a brand new trailer that shows off entirely of the show and reveals the release date. You can check it out yourself down below.

Tekken: Bloodline official trailer

The trailer is about Jin Kazama and how he ended up participating in The King of Iron Fist Tournament. Also, we see quite a few characters from the games like Paul, King, Hitachi Mishima, Kazuya, and more. And we have to mention the very faithful effects used in fights which seem to be taken straight from the games.

While you’re waiting for this one, why not check out some of the new anime that is currently airing? Season 4 of one of the most popular isekai’s ever, “Overlord,” is finally here with three episodes out already. If you’re interested, check out our guide on “Overlord” Season 4 Episode 3 right here.

What is ‘Tekken: Bloodline’ about?

Tekken: Bloodlines Anime Trailer Reveals Release Date
Image Credit: Netflix

The anime will adapt the story from Tekken 3. This is a great choice since Tekken 3 was their first exposure to this franchise for many. Jin Kazama learned his family martial arts the Kazama style from his mother at a very young age. But still he still stood powerless as everything was taken from him by an evil demon known as “Ogre”.

This leads to him taking on the Mishima style on a mad quest to gain power for revenge against Ogre. Eventually, he ends in The King of Iron Fist Tournament, where the world’s best fighters will be fighting for the top prize. Fans are sure to have a good time, and this anime will be a great entry point into the franchise for newcomers.

Tekken: Bloodline release date

The series will premiere exclusively on Netflix on August 18, 2022. You can check out the official page on Netflix right here.

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