Teens Are Using Google Docs To Text In Class And Fool Teachers


Back in school, I clearly remember exchanging chits when I had to converse with my friends during class. Today, technology has upped the game, and Google Docs seems to be a new messaging app for teenagers to befool teachers and parents while being in their strict jurisdiction.

A new report by The Atlantic suggests that most classrooms are now digital, with pen and paper being replaced by laptops and computers. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the urge to talk to friends in front of the teacher, and Google Docs is a handy tool here.

A student, named Skyler (pseudonym) said, “we don’t really pass physical notes anymore,” in the school.

The students say that when they are required to conduct conversations in class and cannot use their smartphones, they take up a teacher’s shared document and chat by using the Comments feature in Google Docs.

For the unacquainted, the Comments feature allows users to highlight a particular word or phrase and add comments to it. Users can further resolve the comments when the query is solved.

Each student uses different font colors to keep their identity, and if the teacher comes close, they resolve comments to erase all the clues of the secret chat. Furthermore, the students delete documents after the conversation ends.

Teachers are not the only ones being tricked; teenagers use a similar approach at home, letting parents think that they are working on school projects, while in reality, they are chit-chatting with their friends.

However, the idea is not a bad one, and refraining teenagers from doing so will add onto the little tricks they have been playing on the teachers and parents.

What do you think of this clever method of talking? Comment down with your thoughts.

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Vanshika Malhotra

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