3 Technologies Reshaping The Auto Industry In 2021 And Beyond

automobile technologies for future
Image: Pexels

Since the automobile was introduced to the mainstream market, technology has always been a part of it. The auto industry has given us many incredible innovations over the last century–from engines that use fossil fuels to electric-powered transportation. Technology has been shaping automobiles over time and causing the auto industry to advance at a rapid pace.

Features of the modern automobile have made the car almost unrecognizable compared to the original creation made by Carl Benz. Technological inventions make cars safer, user-friendly, and reliable. The modern car does more than just take you from one point to another. It uses technology to enhance your experience. Here are 3 technologies that are changing the automotive industry in 2021 –

1. Autonomous Systems

One of the biggest changes brought about by technology is autonomy. Most automakers are planning on manufacturing self-driving cars on a large scale. Some modern cars feature autonomous systems like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). 

AEB uses lidar technology, cameras, and radar to assess the road ahead and identify potential collisions. The system informs the driver that they need to take action to avoid a collision. If the driver fails to take action, AEB applies the brakes on behalf of the driver. 

In cars with road-user interpretive software, the software is programmed to interpret the road behaviors of other drivers. Motion and shape descriptors allow the vehicle’s central processing unit to act intelligently based on the movements of other road users. 

2. Predictive Technology

Predictive technology and machine learning have a powerful impact on the predictive capabilities of cars. The technology integrates predictive analytics by using historical and real-time data to predict activities, behaviors, and faults that might affect vehicles if not corrected in real-time.

Predictive technology provides a highly personalized driving experience and can be easily utilized in vehicles. Sensors incorporated into the vehicle alert the driver if it needs maintenance. They also provide information to the driver on malfunctioning vehicle systems. Drivers can decide whether to look for car title loans online to fix the problems or sell the car.

Some cars are even capable of understanding voice commands and connecting with smart devices. Their sensors can provide notifications to the vehicle owner if there’s an issue or a need for service. 

3. Smart Car Technologies

Technologies like Google’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow drivers to use phone features without having to pick one up. Drivers spend less time looking at their phones and interacting with a larger user interface instead.

But interacting with an onboard computer can distract drivers from the road ahead, right? Wrong. More auto manufacturers are incorporating technologies like Gesture Control, a feature that enables drivers to control their radios through the use of hand gestures. 

For example, in the BMW 7 Series, a small sensor integrated into the control panel can read your gestures. You can answer or dismiss phone calls by swiping left or right and changing the volume with a circular motion. You also have the freedom to create your own custom configurations.

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