8 Unique Tech Gifts For Christmas You Might Want To Consider


Since childhood, the mandatory task of going to bed early on Christmas eve after hanging the Christmasy sock has been the fun moment we await each year. Fast forward to the ‘young adult’ days, the little child inside you likes Christmas gifts, even the tech-savvy ones.

While techie shopping can go hard, tricky and exceed the budget we set, we can be of help. Today, we present you techie readers with a list of unique gifts, you could put in your shopping cart while you make the Christmas gifting list:

Amazon Echo Dot (third generation):

The evolution of old-school speakers to the smart ones has had the audiophiles’ attention. And what best could be the popular Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) as a Christmas gift?

echo dot

For the specs, the Echo Dot (third generation) is the round-shaped smart speaker which has Alexa (Amazon’s virtual assistant)’s support and helps you play music, set alarms, read news for you, and answers questions which you may not.

Additionally, you can make calls via Echo Dot, it supports smart lights and plug-ins, and has many more capabilities.

Price and Availability: $49.99 via Amazon

iRobot Braava Robot Mop:

The hassle of cleaning the entire house, especially when the housemaid ditches you, is a pain in the arse. However, the iRobot Braava Mop is a perfect solution for the cleansing of several rooms and large spaces.

iRobot mop

It comes with iAdapt 2.0 tech for navigation, is capable of covering 1000 square feet for sweeping and up to 350 square feet for mopping, and has expandable cleaning range. Additionally, it works well with different types of cloth pads.

Price and Availability: Starting from $169 via Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick:

We have become the binge-watchers of online content with all our heart. And, for this, the perfect gift (apart from subscriptions to various streaming services) is the Amazon Fire TV Stick which allows you watch online content on your TV, dismissing the need of a smart TV.

fire TV stick

To set up, you are simply required to register on your Amazon account, connect the fire stick to your HD TV, and you are good to go. It also supports Alexa for various other functions and supports Wi-Fi.

Price and Availability: $24.99 via Amazon

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9:

Those who have used the yesteryears’ polaroid cameras, know how exciting the whole process is when you instantly get the clicked image. Bringing the same feel, Fujifilm launched its range of instant cameras- the Instax range which has the Instax Mini 9 as a part of it.

instax mini 9

The camera offers an image size of 62 x 44mm and has a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds. It measures 116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm and carries a weight of 390 grams. Additionally, it is capable of clicking 100 shots with its two AA-size batteries.

Price and Availability; $99 via Amazon

Smart Mat:

Healthy gifting should always be a consideration and taking the thought forward, we have Smart Mats by Smart Mat. So, the mat can help you position your yoga techniques with the use of the Advanced Sensor Technology. This further improves your focus and flexibility.

smart mat

Furthermore, you can get classes, and track and monitor the activity via the SmartMat app, and get on the path of fitness.

Price and Availability: $297 via SmartMat.com

Aura Frame:

To hold memories back then, we had photo frames. Making all things digital, now we have digital photo frames which let us send the images we like to the Aura frames digitally, from anywhere via the Aura Frames app.

aura frame

The Aura frames have brightly lit images with high resolution and the images can be changed instantly with just a wave at the frame.

Price and Availability: Starts at $249 via Amazon

Click and Grow Smart Garden:

Gardening is a great hobby and the ability to take up one indoors is a boon. Click and Grow smart garden comes in a pack of three and allows you to grow herbs by installing plant cartridges in the container, fill up the water reservoir, plug in the device, and it will eventually grow with the help of the Smart Soil technology.

click and grow smart garden

Furthermore, you can select from a wide range of pre-seeded plant capsules.

Price and Availability: $99.9 via Amazon

FenSens Smart Parking Sensor:

Parking or reverse parking can prove to be a headache even for pro drivers. And to solve this simple problem, FenSens has launched the world’s first smart parking sensor which can be easily installed in the number plate of any car, and parking the cars is made easy.


You will be notified (audio, visual and vibration alerts) if the car comes near to an object via the Simple app and the app launches even if the phone is in the pocket.

Price and Availability: $149 (right now for $119.9) via FenSens website

Hope the aforementioned list helps to find the perfect gift for the tech freaks for whom chocolates are a waste of money!

Vanshika Malhotra

Vanshika Malhotra

Started off as an acquaintance, she is now a friend of tech trying to become a tech pundit soon. An extrovert in nature, she likes everything doggos and puppers.
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