Tata Safari Survived After A MIG 27 Fighter Plane Crashed Into It


Just imagine a MIG 27 fighter plane crashing into an SUV like Tata Safari. What would your car be like after such an impact? The first thought that would come into your mind is that there would be no car following such a devastating incident. However, most parts of the Tata Safari remained intact after a fighter aircraft crashed into it.

Time and again Tata Motors has impressed us with the built quality of its cars. The incident is a bit old, but it’s sufficient to catch the attention of automotive enthusiasts.

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How A Fighter Plane Ended Up Crashing Into Tata Safari


In 2016, a MIG 27 fighter plane crashed into a residential area in Jodhpur, where Tata Safari was parked. The plane took off from an airbase located on the outskirts of the city and due to some technical faults, the pilots lost control of it and it crashed. Thankfully, the two pilots who were flying the plane managed to eject themselves on time and hence saved their lives.

According to sources, the plane first crashed through a house before hitting Tata Safari in the parking lot. The fighter jet scraped through the rear of the car before coming to a halt.

The upper rear side of the car was damaged completely, especially the area near the fuel tank. It’s a bit surprising that the car didn’t catch fire considering the ferocity of the impact. Maybe the fuel tank of the SUV was empty or it had very little fuel. Meanwhile, the flames came out of the airplane but the pilots and other people successfully extinguished the fire.

Coming back to the Tata Safari, the front half of the SUV was in proper shape. There was no effect on the chassis, engine, and front bumper of the car. Even the wheels and axles were in the right place.

Tata Has Always Focused On Built Quality

tata safari crash

We have seen the cars of Tata Motors saving lives in the most tragic accidents. We have seen the owners of Tata’s cars telling their own stories after being saved due to the built quality and safety standards of its cars. However, this time Tata Safari proved that its build quality is quite simply “unmatched.”

Though it’s obvious that Tata Safari had a partial impact from the fighter plane but had it been any other car the results could have been different. Tata Safari is no longer manufactured by the automaker. The production of Tata Safari stopped back in 2017, at the time when Tata was not as famous for its built quality as it is now. Furthermore, the Safari involved in the incident is an older model, indicating that Tata has always maintained its built quality except for a few cars like Tata Nano.

After this incident involving the old Tata Safari, one can only imagine the built quality of the current line-up of cars from Tata Motors.

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Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar

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