Tata Motors Ziptron Will Take On MG Electric SUV And Hyundai Kona


Tata Motors Ziptron is the company’s new technology brand that will power its upcoming electric cars, including the Altroz EV, slated for the Q4 2019 launch. The news comes after the automotive giant announced that it is prepping to launch several new electric cars in India in a period of 12-18 months.

All upcoming Tata Motors electric cars will be based upon the Ziptron Technology brand, similar to how the Tata Tiago is based on the Revotron brand. Tata Motors unveiled the brand today in New Delhi alongside a modular electric powertrain of the same name.

According to Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD Tata Motors, said, “this technology will deliver a thrilling driving experience to our customers aspiring to go-green.”

The Ziptron powertrain will enable Tata Motor’s upcoming electric cars in India to have a minimum range of 250 km.

Tata Motors Ziptron Tech Explained

Electric cars don’t have an engine. They have a battery pack and one or two AC motors, along with a cooling system. The combination of these things is known as the “Electric Powertrain,” and the Tata Motors Ziptron is just that.

Different types of powertrains perform differently, and Tata Motors Ziptron will also have certain features exclusive to itself. Some of the features of Ziptron powertrain will include:

  • Electric cars based at Tata Motors Ziptron will have a range of 250 km on a single charge.
  • Ziptron is comprised of Permanent Magnet Asynchronous Motors (PMAC) that delivers full performance at every battery charge level.
  • Ziptron has a water-cooled lithium-ion battery pack specially designed to withstand the heat of Indian driving conditions
  • Ziptron will have a single gear system coupled with regenerative braking

Ziptron will have two driving modes, each dedicated to increasing performance and battery efficiency. This means that the electric cars under Ziptron will save power in the traffic and splurge it on the highway.

Tata Motors Altroz EV will likely be the first recipient of this powertrain when it launches in 2020 next year. Considering the modular nature of Ziptron, we can expect several electric cars from Tata Motors to utilize this platform. There’s no confirmation whether the Tigor EV, the company’s only selling electric vehicle, will get the Ziptron powertrain or not.

Ziptron has an efficient high 300V high voltage system and a rugged, waterproof battery with a certified IP67 rating, courtesy of high-tensile steel casing. This rating means that the battery is waterproof up to 1 meter for half an hour underwater, and dustproof.

Ziptron’s battery pack has been tested for 1 million kilometers by a team of more than 350 engineers. Moreover, Tata Motors will also offer 8 years of warranty for the car’s battery.

Connected technology is also becoming the norm these days. It is being featured everywhere from scooters to SUVs. Ziptron will also come with an integrated connectivity option to inform users of the vehicle’s health, charge levels, battery performance, and temperature.

Tata Motors also unveiled its Ziptron Freedom 2.0 campaign to highlight the importance of its new technology brand. According to the company, Ziptron will provide freedom from air pollution and range anxiety, alongside offering a blistering performance.

Tata Motors Ziptron Vs MG ZS Electric SUV Vs Hyundai Kona

Another automotive company, Morgan Garage (MG), recently signaled the launch of their upcoming electric SUV, the MG ZS EV. The MG ZS electric SUV will be priced at around Rs 25 lakh ex-showroom and has a range of 262 km based on the European WLTP cycle.

MG India has partnered with a Finland-based energy company called Fortum to install DC fast-charging stations across its dealerships.

The MG ZS Electric SUV will launch in Q4 2019, at a similar time interval when Tata will unveil its first Ziptron-based electric car. Both of these cars already have rivals in India in the form of Hyundai Kona electric SUV.

It was launched a few months back and since then has garnered a good response from Indian users. So it’ll be interesting to see all these Titans finally clashing in the next few months.

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