Is Tata Really Buying iPhone Plant In India? 5 Things You Should Know

Tata is already a components supplier to Apple.

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Fresh reports suggest that Tata is buying the iPhone manufacturing plant in India from Apple partner Wistron Corp. According to the report, Tata Electronics Private Limited, or TEPL, is already a component supplier to Apple India and is now eyeing the entire Indian manufacturing arm. Wistron Corp, which is an Apple supplier and partner in India, is currently running the iPhone assembly plant in Karnataka.

The Economic Times claims that TEPL could close a deal with Wistron Corp for Rs 4,000-5,000 crore. If this is true, then Tata could become a major Apple partner in the long run. Apple, too, is looking to diversify its supply line as tensions rise in China, which is a golden opportunity for other manufacturing hubs around the world. Here are five things you need to know about Tata’s TEPL, Wistron Corp, and Apple’s supply chain expansion.

5 Things to know about the Tata iPhone plant

While there’s no official information from Tata, Wistron, or Apple yet, ET reports claim TEPL could go ahead with the deal. However, here are some important things that lay a solid foundation for this deal.

  1. What is TEPL? Tata Electronics Private Limited, or TEPL, is a manufacturing facility in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu. It has expertise in manufacturing precision components, and it is already providing components to Apple’s India plant. Reports claim that the company plans to scale up and capture contracts from Japan and Korea, among other tech giants.
  2. Not a new report: Earlier in September, a Bloomberg report claimed that Tata could partner with Wistron in India and start a joint venture.
  3. Apple China plant issues: Foxconn runs Apple’s biggest iPhone manufacturing plant in China. Just a couple of days ago, there were protests, followed by a riot at Apple’s Foxconn facility. China’s stringent lockdown norms are causing companies to create local manufacturing facilities. This is one of the reasons Apple is decentralizing its supply chain after more than a decade of keeping it to China.
  4. Government push for Make In India: The government has announced subsidies and incentives to designers and manufacturers looking to set up shops in India. This could be one of the big reasons Apple could consider partnering with Tata on this venture.
  5. Tata iPhone plant and iPhone prices in India: While TEPL could be moving ahead with the deal, there are no forecasts for iPhone price changes in India. The iPhone 13 models are already assembled locally, but that hasn’t led to a price cut either. On the other hand, the plant’s expansion could generate new jobs in India.

These are 5 important things to know about the possibility of a Tata iPhone manufacturing plant in India. While there is no official confirmation yet, we will be covering any developments around it. Do let us know what you think about Tata Group’s latest ambition in the comments.

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