Tata Altroz CNG Review: CNG Kit Installation Is The Most Important Part

Tata Altroz CNG review best car 2020
Image: Tata Motors

Here’s the installation process and performance review of Tata Altroz fitted with an aftermarket CNG kit. A Tata Altroz owner installed a CNG kit for the third time in his car after facing many difficulties in the installation of a CNG kit in his Altroz. At last, he contacted Syed Zuhaib for help who is a YouTuber and an expert in CNG cars.

The YouTuber guided him throughout the process of CNG installation in his car. In addition, he recorded a video and uploaded it to his YouTube channel “Zuby USTAD“.

The YouTuber has given a few tips on what one should consider before getting a CNG kit. Let’s discuss in detail what the experts say about CNG installation in any car.

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Tata Altroz CNG Review

tata altroz CNG REVIEW
Image: Zuby USTAD

According to the YouTuber, the most important part while getting a CNG kit for your car is its installation. He said it’s really important for the mechanic to be technically sound. Even after getting the best brand’s CNG kit, users encounter problems due to improper tuning and calibration. Mr. Zuhaib said in the video that he faced the same problem after getting a CNG kit in his Honda City until he met a sound technician.

The same problem was faced by the owner who contacted the YouTuber. The owner said he installed the CNG kit twice in his Altroz. Unfortunately, he had to uninstall it due to extremely poor results. As per the owner, there was improper fuel delivery which led to jerks while driving.

On the other hand, he could not feel any power while accelerating the car. He said it became very difficult for his Altroz to propel on the roads with slighest elevation. In short, it was a frustrating experience for him.

However, this time the YouTuber helped him by reaching out to an experienced and knowledgeable technician who did the job. Since the technician properly tuned and installed the kit, the owner said the experience of CNG fuel is completely reversed now.

Unlike before, he said the power delivery is as smooth as petrol and there are no jerks. Even after carrying four people inside the cabin, he could not feel any power lag.

Tata Altroz
Image: Zuby USTAD

Apart from this, if we talk about the bootspace left in car after fitting cylinder then it’s sufficient enough to keep few small bags.

Final Thoughts

Most people get CNG kits in their cars for just one reason: better fuel efficiency. If we talk about Tata Altroz, then it’s one of the best premium hatchbacks in the market right now. Whether its build quality, design, or features, everything is up to the mark with a decent fuel economy.

However, if someone wants to experience better mileage, they can opt for CNG with one condition: it should be dealt with care.

CNG tuning and calibration tata altroz
Image: Zuby USTAD

After considering the experience of the owner as well as the suggestion of the YouTuber, we came down to one conclusion. More than the brand of CNG kit, it’s the installation that is more crucial.

Irrespective of the car brand, CNG can be successful in any car if it’s set up properly.

What do you guys think about this? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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