Tasker’s Upcoming Update Will Include New Android 13 Features

The update isn't available on the Play Store yet.

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tasker app android 13 features
Source: Tasker on YouTube

Google recently released its first Android 13 developer preview that introduced new features like a new photo picker API, custom quick settings tile API, and more comprehensive themed icons support. Usually, all these additions would take time to show up in popular apps, but Tasker’s developers have already added them.

In a teaser video uploaded by a Tasker developer, we see how well the features have been implemented in the app. The app adjusts to the ‘material you’ theme and uses the photo picker API, which makes sharing device photos more secure, and the custom tile API allows you to add custom tiles in quick settings.

However, the build isn’t available on the Play Store as it’s not possible to submit Android 13 apps yet. The video shows Tasker’s icons adapting dynamic theming. The Pick Photos option uses Android 13’s new photo picker API.

The video also showcases the ability to add custom tiles to quick settings. Dev created a quick setting tile to display the toast “Hello from Tasker.”

As of now, we’re unsure when Google will start allowing developers to submit Android 13-based apps, but considering how fast-paced the giant is, the wait isn’t going to be longer.

Are you excited about future Android 13 releases? Let us know in the comments section below.

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