Tap And Pay With Google Wallet Feature Not Working For Many Users

Don't worry, your phone is fine!

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Google Wallet re-emerged after a long hiatus this year. But its users are unable to pay using the tap-to-pay feature. The app displays a warning stating that “Your device doesn’t meet the security requirements.” In addition, it assumes that your device is rooted or running uncertified software.

But most of these complaints emanate from users who don’t use Google Wallet on a rooted device. Even newer devices belonging to Samsung and Google are experiencing this issue.

Google Wallet tap and pay not working, but why?

Android Police reported that Google uses an API to make sure that transmitting valuable information, such as credit card numbers, is safe. It used SafetyNet Attestation API to verify that the device trying to use Google Wallet meets the requirements.

However, recent reports suggest that Google wished to slowly shut down the usage of SafetyNet Attestation API and migrate to a new one called Play Integrity. According to Android researcher Mishaal Rahman, the Google Wallet app could have already shifted to the new API.

Ideally, only devices with an unlocked bootloader or running uncertified custom ROM should encounter this error message. But it is happening with users who aren’t using a rooted phone or have their bootloader unlocked. Simple tricks such as restarting the app/phone or updating the app do nothing in this case.

Google Wallet not working
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Clearly, it is a bug in the API which is disrupting the Google Wallet’s tap-to-pay functionality. Google hasn’t made any public announcements related to the feature but having a broken wireless payment feature surely causes a ruckus.

Imagine if you encounter such an issue at a payment counter and you aren’t carrying any physical cards or cash. You will be stranded and will have to discard that purchase. Google Wallet may have migrated early to the new Play Integrity API because Google will first include its own apps available on the Play Store.

The expected timeline to remove the SafetyNet Attestation API is by the end of 2024. It will give app developers ample time to make the switch. Meanwhile, if you are also unable to use the Google Wallet tap-to-pay feature, you should wait for Google to make an announcement and release an update to fix this bug.

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