Tails 2.4 Launched With TOR 6.0 — Best Linux Distro For Anonymity And Privacy


tails-2-4-edward-snowden-s-favorite-anonymous-live-cd-brings-tor-browser-6-0-504942-2Short Bytes: Popular anonymous Linux Live distribution Tails is here with its version 2.4. This latest release of Debian-based operating system features TOR Browser 6.0. Tails 2.4 comes with many security improvements including firewall and kernel hardening.

Tails is a popular privacy-focused Linux distribution–here are some other Linux distros for different purposes–with an aim to provide anonymous computing experience. This distro was most famously used by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

If you are acquainted with Tails, you might be knowing that Tails forces all the network activity to go through the TOR network, making your all activities anonymous. Being a Live Linux distro, it can be booted from an SD card, DVD, or USB drive.

The nice people working at this project keep releasing stable releases of Tails from time to time. Following the same path, the Tails Project recently released Tails 2.4, a major release of this Debian-based OS.

Changes and new features in Tails 2.4

As TOR is an integral part of Tails Linux, the changes made in the Firefox 45-based TOR browser 6.0 play a big part in tightening the security screws in Tails 2.4.

For writing and reading emails, Tails uses Mozilla’s Icedove. This release makes sure that Icedove only relies on secure protocols when it automatically configures email accounts.autoconfig mail tails

Lots of work has been done to make the operating system more secure and a better hardware support has been provided with the help of updated graphical libraries.

The GUI has been polished a bit and GNOME Tweak Tool has been removed from the default system.

The Tails Upgrader tool now offers support for languages other than English along with the enabling of Packetization Layer Path MTU Discovery for IPv4.

The other important changes include the removal of APT pinning and hledger accounting program.

The complete list of changes could be found here.

Tails 2.4 Linux download

For those who are already using Tails 2.3, an automatic upgrade is available. If you are new to Tails and willing to try Tails 2.4, visit Tail Project’s download page.

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