T-Mobile Will Now Sell User App Data, But iPhone Users Are Safe For Now

T-Mobile has started selling your app data to advertisers.

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T-Mobile is a popular service in the United States, providing efficient wireless voice, messaging, and data service. The cellular network company has garnered a massive user base in the US and is well-known for its customer service.

The modern world works online; hence you need 4G service that is fast, which is what T-Mobile provides. It offers more unthrottled data than its competitors and is doing a marvelous job introducing the new 5G network.

However, it seems T-Mobile has joined the ‘selling user data‘ clan alongside Facebook and Instagram. The company has now taken a new step to increase cash influx by selling app usage data to advertisers.

Selling our data?

After introducing the beta over a year ago, the carrier has officially launched its new ‘App Insights’ program, and you can tell what it does from its name. The application permits marketers to buy data, which shows your apps on your phones and which ones you most frequently use.

Apple users may want to hold their iPhone close as most users are safe from this due to the company’s rigid privacy requirements.

App Insights

T-Mobile’s head of advertising products and development, Jess Zhu, announced the program’s official launch. At its core, App Insights is an analytics platform that lets marketers track, target, and segment subscribers depending on the applications they have installed on their phones. Such information also allows marketers to determine the engagement pattern of users.

The ‘data’ that goes to third parties is when you open a browser, what domain you visit, or the WiFi network you join, which is combined with other analytics to create ‘personas’ or ‘cohorts.’ Advertisers pay hefty amounts of money to purchase this information and target advertisements at people that align with their interests.

Are iOS users safe?

Zhu quickly highlighted that data is not collected from iOS customers, and while it could collect data from users who choose ‘tracking,’ it still avoids taking the risk. By not collecting data of iOS users, they are losing revenue.

Although iPhone users are safe for the time being, this could change in the future. GM of T-Mobile’s ‘Advertising Solutions’ group, Mike Peralta, said they plan to incorporate iOS data into the App Insights program.



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