Switcheroo Lets You Control Stuff With Your Smartphone!


IoT buzz is all around and people are building great stuff. Few weeks back, we talked about upcoming IoT development kits – CHIP, Modulo and Cubit, which will help you in building IoT projects easily and effectively. Today, we found another great product called Switcheroo, which lets you control stuff with your smartphone. Switcheroo started trending on Kickstarter last week and it has reached its funding goal so it will come to you soon.

What is  Switcheroo?

In layman’s language “Switcheroo is nothing but a wireless switch which you can control with your smartphone”.  With this you can control almost anything with your smartphone. The Switcheroo makes it a snap to upgrade everyday devices for smartphone control. The Switcheroo can do things like;

  • control toys
  • unlock doors
  • start your car
  • turn on lights
  • open/close your garage door
  • control your heat
  • remote shutter release for cameras
  • upgrade anything with a pushbutton

How does it work?

All your devices which has a push button or a switch can be easily integrated with Switcheroo. These buttons typically actuate small internal switches which pass low voltage DC current to a microprocessor when the button is pressed. The Switcheroo can be easily wired into this simple switch circuit to take the place of that switch or act in concert with it, upgrading these devices to allow direct smartphone control. The Switcheroo has 4 opto-isolated outputs that can switch DC voltages from 2 to 24 volts, up to 150mA of current per output. For AC voltages or higher current applications you can connect relays or solid state switching ICs to Switcheroo and do even more.

Switcheroo directly communicates with your phone. There is no 3rd party server involved, no monthly fees, and no internet access is required for your phone or the Switcheroo. Switcheroo uses Bluetooth Low Energy which offers AES-CCM encryption to secure the low energy link between Switcheroo and your smartphone.

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Guys behind Switcheroo are great and they have made everything Open Source. All Switcheroo app code is available now and will be maintained at https://github.com/switcheroo. Switcheroo kickstarter campaign is live and you can make your contribution to get a kit for yourself at $29.

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Ananda Verma

Ananda Verma

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