The SWAT-BOT Can Take 1000 Bullet Hits And Still Keep Going

This robot is a SWAT team's best friend.

Image: YouTube / Howe & Howe

In the U.S., when things get out of hand for the regular police, the SWAT team is sent in. Staying true to its acronym, which stands for “Special Weapons And Tactics,” this police unit employs specialized equipment to tackle problems. SWAT-BOT is among its inventory of sophisticated technologies.

From curbing incendiary riots to dealing with armed criminals, the SWAT tactical unit gets into the action in a variety of high-risk scenarios. This crucial role requires the SWAT police to resort to certain high-level gadgets and tactics to meet its objective. SWAT-BOT enables the police to block enemy gunfire successfully without the need to carry a shield separately.

This cutting-edge shield can ward off incoming bullets and even protect the first responders from explosives. To see what this SWAT robot is all about, check out the video below.

SWAT-BOT features

Coming from a veteran tank manufacturer called Howe & Howe Technologies, the SWAT-BOT is yet another innovative product. Essentially, it is an all-terrain mobile ballistic shield that supports remote control. The robot proves effective for safeguarding first responders in the police from hostile situations.

Since it already provides cover from gunfire, the SWAT team need not equip individual shields. This allows them to engage in armed combat with both hands. As per a demonstration, it can sustain as many as 1000 bullet rounds without any issues and blanket a dozen personnel easily. Meanwhile, it can also march forward in a given direction and allow the police to close in on the target.

swat-bot shield bullet marks
Image: YouTube / Howe & Howe

Besides offering protection, this SWAT robot also packs certain features to disorientate miscreants. These capabilities include blindingly powerful 16,000-lumen lights and a blaring siren. Not just that, it also comes equipped with a camera, so that a unit remotely controlling it can monitor the machine’s surroundings.

Since its development in 2012 and demonstration a year later, Howe & Howe President Mike Howe had his eyes set on pushing the SWAT-BOT into law enforcement. However, there are limited reports substantiating such progress of the product. We can infer from certain reports that its price tag of $98,000 might have been a reason for its lack of popularity.

Do you think the SWAT-BOT is a practically useful investment for the American police? Sound off in the comments. Also, do check out these incredible riot control vehicles.

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