Surprise: For the First Time, USA Asked and China Arrested Hackers

china arrests hackers
china arrests hackers

china-arrests-hackersShort Bytes: The Chinese government has taken an unprecedented step to comply with a U.S. request and arrest some hackers suspected of hacking attempts at American organizations, according to reports.

If you take a look at the international scenario of increasing cyber-attacks and cooperation between the nations, you’ll observe two very similar trends. USA and China are home to one of the biggest internet using population and they are also the two poles on the map of cyberattacks.

In the past, we have read reports regarding Chinese hackers reading the emails of Barack Obama and US signing sanctions against the foreign hackers. But, in a surprising development, for the first time, China has arrested some hackers on US orders

According to the reports of the Washington Post, these arrests were made before the USA and China announced the cyber espionage agreement during President Xi Jinping’s USA visit.

The reports suggest that the Chinese government did arrest some suspects but didn’t publicize the actions. On the other hand, it’s said that currently Obama administration is watching closely if the suspects are publicly tried.

It’s worth noticing that China could have made these arrests as a gesture and they actually might not be related to any USA-related hacking incidents.

Source: Washington Post

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