Surprise: 92 Percent of Users Love Windows 10

windows 10 love
windows 10 love

Short Bytes: According to a latest study, Windows 10 is getting ample amount of love from the users. About 92% of the people have shared positive comments on social media and other online platforms. Read more to know about the most loved and hated features of Widows 10.

Just more than three weeks after the launch of Windows 10, the OS has managed to capture a remarkable share in the PC market. With Windows 10, Microsoft has worked hard to polish its previous mistake which is known as Windows 8. The OS is facing some backlashes on the security and privacy front, but this isn’t enough to tone down people’s love for Windows 10.

According to a analysis done by BrandWatch, the people who are in love with Windows 10 are far more than those who hate the final itertion of Windows. The survey suggests that about 92% people loved the OS. This news has the potential to surprise many people, given the fact that Russians are even demanding for Windows 10 ban as the OS “spies on its users.”

Brandwatch analysed about 7,000 online authors and social media trends and created this pool of data. Out of the total 1.2 mentions of Windows 10, shortly after launch, 92% expressed positive reactions and 8% showed negative emotions.

Added to this love, Brandwatch also notes a growing hostility towards the OS. The negative trends are rising and right now it is as much as 20%. Still, 20% people liking the OS is pretty great.

Talking about the most liked features, Cortana tops the list- followed by Edge browser, Xbox integration. On the other hand, Start Menu tops the list of most hated features of Windows 10.

Well, this isn’t a scientific analyis by any means as it only talks about 7,000 online and social media mentions. Still, the overall feeling resonates with the positive response of the masses.

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Tell us your story. Do you love Windows 10, or it’s on your hate list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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