Surface Duo 2: Will Microsoft Learn From Its Past Mistakes?

Can Microsoft finally turn around things with the Surface Duo 2?


No one can forget the disaster… (*cough) Microsoft’s first “foldable” phone, the Surface Duo. People were excited about buying it due to the hype that Microsoft managed to build, but the same faltered and faded once the device was revealed with a generation-old flagship processor and a higher price tag.

Sadly, Microsoft’s first Android device turned out to be a flop. Released for $1399, it was very expensive for the specifications. One month after the release, Microsoft slashed the prices by $200, then slashed it again to $699. Recently, there was yet another price drop due to which the phone currently costs $410.

Considering how big of a flop the Surface Duo was, you might think Microsoft might be done with making foldable Android devices, right? No. Recent leaks and rumors suggest that the giant is working on the Surface Duo’s successor, the Surface Duo 2. What will it look like? What will be its specs? Will Microsoft learn from its mistakes? All questions answered in this article.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Can Microsoft finally create a good foldable?

Leaked images of the Surface Duo 2 recently surfaced online, which confirmed its existence. It looks like the device will come in the same form factor as the Surface Duo, with minor design changes here and there. The first notable difference is the presence of three rear cameras at the back vs. none on the Surface Duo.

surface duo 2

The photos were revealed in a video by Tech Rat. In this, we also see a black-colored variant of the device. The leak also suggests that Microsoft has relocated the fingerprint reader to the power button. The camera bump makes us wonder if it’ll cause issues when folding the device all the way to the back.

As of now, the specifications, pricing, and launch date are unknown. Considering that the Surface Duo was hated because of generation-old hardware, the Surface Duo should arrive with the latest flagship SoC from Qualcomm, i.e., the Snapdragon 888 if it launched this year or the Snapdragon 895 if the launch is scheduled in the next year.

If this leak is accurate, it might be yet another flop

Windows Central has confirmed with Microsoft that the leak is real, but another reason why the Duo failed was because of the front design. You see, a device cannot really be called a foldable if it has two separated displays.

microsoft surface duo 2 and ZFold 2

The primary reason why foldable devices like Samsung’s ZFold series came to existence is, it’s trying to solve a problem with its flexible screen, i.e., trying to give people the goodness of both a conventional smartphone and a tablet when unfolded.

Either way, there’s still a lot to be “unfolded” about Microsoft’s yet another attempt at making a foldable device. Hence, we’ll keep the other opinions with ourselves. Meanwhile, Samsung’s upcoming ZFold 3 and ZFlip 3 are getting released on August 11. We’ll have to see how the device stacks up against the same.

What do you think of the Surface Duo 2? Will Microsoft be able to succeed this time? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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