Super Rare Hybrid “Nintendo PlayStation” Found by Gamer in Junk



Long back in 1991, at Consumer Electronics Show, Sony made an announcement that it was going to make a debut in the video game hardware market for the very first time partnering with Nintendo and release a gadget that would be called the “PlayStation.” Well, THAT particular PlayStation didn’t make it to the market. The very next day, Nintendo announced that it has entered into a partnership with Philips.

Recently, a mysterious device was found by a gamer in his old box of junk that is being called the super rare hybrid Nintendo PlayStation made by Sony and PlayStation. According to Wikipedia, only 200 pieces of this gadget were made in the early 1990s.

The most striking feature of this Nintendo PlayStation is that it supports CDs and well as cartridges. This was revealed by gamer Daniel Diebold when he found the device at his dad’s home in Philadelphia. His father worked with a former Sony executive and this explains the origin of the device.

He published the images and video earlier this week in which the device is seen with a controller that looks exactly like one from Nintendo’s SNES console with Sony PlayStation written on top, but marked Nintendo underneath.

This device has AV outputs and power slot but it came with no cables- so it was never plugged in and used by him.

What killed this Nintendo PlayStation hybrid?

As the history tells us, the fears of Nintendo circled around who would be in charge of the different portions of the system. Earlier it was decided that Sony will take care of the CD drive while Nintendo will deal with its own SNES slot.

So, deciding to backstab, just a day after CES announcement of Sony, Nintendo secretly finalized a deal with Philips. This issue between Sony and Nintendo fueled the birth of the PlayStation that became widely successful in the coming years.



This Nintendo PlayStation hybrid appearing on the internet looks pretty real, but its possibility of being elaborate fake couldn’t be denied.

For the time being, I want to believe that this was the device that started a war.


What do you think of the Nintendo PlayStation hybrid? Tell in us in the comments below.

Via: Reddit, NintendoLife

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