Suicidal DC Security Robot Jumps Into A Water Fountain, Takes the Internet By Storm

Knightscope K5 robot
Image: Greg Pinelo
It’s no wonder that robots are being taught to become more like humans, think like them, act like them, and probably eat like them. But does that mean a robot should try to end itself when it’s feeling low?

Knightscope K5, a patrol robot at the MRP Realty office in Washington DC, fell into a water fountain inside the complex. The actual reason why the robot did, what it did is unclear, but the Internet has started calling it a ‘suicidal robot’.

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Maybe it was. Or Maybe the 5ft 300-pound machine was just trying to refresh itself by getting closer to the fountain, just like the humans do. But things didn’t go as expected and it ended up sleeping with the fishes.

Thankfully, the workers at the office complex got to know about the incident and they were able to rescue K5. However, the final status of the patrol robot’s health is yet to be known.

Knightscope, the company which sells K5 security robots, called it “an isolated event” and told CNET that an investigation is going on. Meanwhile, they would be shipping another K5 this week for free.

According to an MRP Realty spokesperson, the robot is a part of a pilot program which involves eliminating bugs and such incidents help them discover the areas where improvements are needed.

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